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(lieutenant colonel tell me about it, t-rex)

So here's me trying to get back on LJ. I know it's been forever, and I'm really sorry. I have been dealing with a lot of personal stuff that culminated in a couple of visits to urgent care and a few decisions about the future that will hopefully bear healthy fruit. So-- I'm trying to get back on LJ, yeah. Get back to writing. I'm always happiest when I'm writing.

and apparently I have written a book )

So that's something to think about.

But in the meantime, I need a game plan for getting back on Livejournal. I am a bit overwhelmed by how long I've been gone, so I need to take it a little bit at a time. I want to post it on here so you guys know what's up and so that I have incentive to stick to the plan instead of just throwing up my hands.

Schedule )

After that we'll see.

Thank you so much to everyone who has said something nice to me while I was gone, whether it be about me personally or my work. I can't tell you what a lift it gives me. *squishes everyone*
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Dude, y'all are quick like bunnies-- I haven't even said anything about [ profile] slavebreakers yet and I already have two people watching. :P

OK, the idea is for this to be a place where people can post their Slave Breakers fan fiction, and, um, whatever else y'all want to put there. Fanvids, fanart (I have been recently promised some fanart, which makes my little heart squee), discussions of why Holden is such a dickhead... whatever you wish, really. It feels incredibly narcissistic for me to create this, but a couple of people had suggested that it might be a good option for getting all the fanfiction together in one place (I, um, still can't quite believe there is fanfiction of my fiction, let alone such awesome fanfiction), so I went ahead and created it. Feel free to join, post, what you will.

And while I've got this thing turned on: I'm final-editing chapter 9 of A Matter for the Goddess, and then I'll have my backlog all posted, finally, yay.


Jan. 18th, 2009 05:28 pm
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You guys? You guys are awesome. THANK YOU to everyone who pitched in to buy from my Emergency Hoarded Luxuries Sale, THANK YOU to everyone who pimped the sale on their journal, and THANK YOU times a billion to everyone who bypassed the whole perfume thing and just kicked in a donation out of sheer kindness. You made a seriously upsetting incident (my poor, poor dear computer!) into an occasion to realize anew just how neat people can be. Thank you so much. With the help of your generous donations and proceeds from the sale, I now have a working plan: if worst comes to worst and my poor baby is really no more (it's currently in the shop undergoing last-ditch diagnosis), my dad is going to sell me his subcompact Acer notebook, which he bought for himself a couple of months ago but which he has decided is too small for him to comfortably use. I have teeny hands, so this should not be a problem for me. And I shall name it Hermia.

I will try to deserve your great generosity, and to keep y'all updated on the situation. And to everybody who purchased, I'll plan to get your stuff mailed out on Tuesday, after the holiday.

(In the meantime, I have ten pages of a Bran training cutscene written in a spiral notebook. I'm... I think I may actually be unstoppable.)

Mr. Giraffe: "People are sending you their money just because your laptop died?"
Me: "Didn't I tell you my readers were the nicest people in the entire world?"
Mr. Giraffe: "Awww! Well, it seems like you deserve it. You put a lot of work into those stories. And I'm sure they're very nice stories, if you like that sort of thing."
Me: "What sort of thing?"
Mr. Giraffe: "Penises in the bum."
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And will catch up on everything and everyone, eventually. Pinky swear.

Hi to the bunch of new people who recently friended me, and thank you to whoever recced me to them!

And for the rest of you, who have been waiting so very patiently for the last-- oh, good lord, nearly a month-- for the new chapter of Lee: I'm terribly sorry. As many of you know, my personal life has been, um, interesting lately, and what should have been an extremely minor and temporary writer's block grew to elephantine proportions simply because I haven't had patience left over to sit down and work the damn thing out. Plus, last time I got the chance and inspiration to write, I wrote a bunch of what I thought was chapter thirty-six, which actually turned out to belong to chapter thirty-seven, so that was a setback. Thirty-six is finally coming along at a nice little clip, though, and I think it's going to be long.

For the record, I do currently have all of the following partially written:

  • The next chapter of Crimson

  • The next chapter of Babysitter of Themyscira (hah, you all hoped I'd forgotten about that one!)

  • A Slave Breakers one-shot to be posted sometime in the next week

  • The next two chapters of Lee

Anyway, I guess I should make a start on catching up on my awesome friendslist now. (It's such a burden, having so many enthralling WIPs to read. I don't know how I manage it.)
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Thanks so much to [ profile] trueila for sending me a lovely vgift and bringing it to my attention that today-- aye, today-- is the one-year anniversary of my very first post here on my LJ, which was also the very first story ever posted in the Slave Breaker's 'verse!

This seems like an apropos time to express my total and utter adoration of all my readers, without whose gracious, generous and gentle encouragement I would never have gotten past that first chapter without tucking my tail between my legs and running back to my nice safe notebooks, let alone continued to post like a maniac for a solid year (and counting). Don't get me wrong, I'd write without any encouragement at all; I've been writing These Kinds of Stories since I was about four, and a year ago was the first time I ever let anyone else read one of them (aside from attempting to hand one in as a school assignment-- NB. that hurt/comfort femdom slave stories do not go over well in sixth grade language arts), but it continues to awe me how many people not only enjoy my work, but take the time and interest to comment, discuss finer points of worldbuilding and characterization, make suggestions, and even volunteer for cameos-- not to mention the number of people who have been nudged to start posting their own (awesome) stuff because they saw mine, which is the best encomium of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you to every single last one of you.

A year! Good Lord! However shall we celebrate?
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This is what I get for not checking my (meatspace) mailbox daily! I'm a day late on discovering how freakin' awesome my friends list is. Thank you SO much to [ profile] anyanka_eg [ profile] morgan_cian, [ profile] cjgravenstone, [ profile] caz_in_a_teacup, and "others" (and I demand to know who said others were, for gratitude and adoration purposes. Identify yourselves!), for your incredibly sweet gift and card, which made me giggle and also tear up a little. I am honestly having trouble finding words to express how touched I am.

Thank you.

*licks dark chocolate off fingers and beams like a champagne supernova*


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