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So I feel guilty about even having written this because I'm like "self, at this moment where you are writing this thing you should be working on The Maiden, or doing LJ housekeeping, or unpacking boxes, or something" and "self, you are never going to get on this whole selling SB thing if you keep writing random follow-up one-shots instead," also I am trying to title things now by ripping off song lyrics which is at least a step in the right direction from never titling anything at all, also I have to go do laundry right now.

post-Lee, ~2600 words

Should I know who that is? )
maculategiraffe: (Default) follow-up to another one of the drabbles.

(god, writing SB 'verse is such comfort food)

Ella )
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So it's been way too long since I wrote anything in the Slave Breakers 'verse. I miss these guys. And I get plot bunnies. I've just been kind of working on Maiden for awhile. But Maiden needs a rest as I plot towards the conclusion and get the replies-to-comments post wrapped up.

Anyway, for the holidays, since I failed at getting out a holiday story, here are four Slave Breakers plot bunnies that have wriggled in, post-Lee, in 100-word drabble form. I'm pretty sure I'll end up writing all these stories, eventually. Of course, if you guys find them intriguing, that will be incentive. :) Plus-- I did say five-- a bit (not spoilery for the story so far) from the next chapter of Intake Counselor.

1. You have a responsibility to the community. )

2. I got your letter. )

3. I have a situation. )

4. I don't trust you. )

5. Those are the names of your gods? )
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...Slave Breakers summer solstice fic. Part of the post-Lee series begun here (winter solstice) and here (spring equinox).

Summer lovin', had me a blast )
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This is a really old request-- I put it up on a poll of things I promised to write one time, and I think it's the only one I hadn't yet.

I've never done this before. I mean-- with a slave. )
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Several people expressed interest in seeing this drabble extended (and others at various times have expressed the desire for a similar encounter) so...

Is this where Bran Olafsen lives? )
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Thank you for all your kind words on the Jer-and-Yves-meeting story (if you missed it, it went thataway).

And so it won't be too late after Easter (although it's way late after the actual vernal equinox), here's your second runner-up at superdoublequick speed: the vernal equinox after this winter solstice.

In which Bran and Holden pay a visit )
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Okay, so I've been all writer's blocked what with, um, everything-- I had three stories (one post-Lee, one early Jer, one Wonder Girl) almost ready to go from before, and two others that I was in the middle of, and I haven't really had the heart to work on any of them and I didn't know what else to write and I just haven't been writing, which as you guys know is not normal for me, I'm always writing SOMETHING.

And today I really needed to write something (I actually ache and twitch if I'm not writing, it's kind of like sleeping or eating, or talking to people, for me-- stress makes it harder, but if I don't do it, it affects me very negatively, my overall state) but I still couldn't really bring myself to look at any of the stories from before, and finally I just wrote this scene, which is like... basically this is my writerly id's Thing That It Does, if left to its own devices. I mean if I don't have an outline, or a plot, or a prompt, or an idea-- if I just sit down and am like, hey hips, wiggle for me.

So-- at least I WROTE something. For the first time since the end of the world as we knew it; so hopefully that will help with the block on the other stories in the wings. So here it is, you can read it; post-Bran, pre-Jesse, ~1200 words.

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Part I )

Part II )
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Laptop update: The guy at the shop said it was fried past hope, and also that he wouldn't charge me for labor if he could keep it for spare parts, so I gave it to him. Then I stopped by to see my wonderful, fantabulous dad, and now I have Hermia in hand. SHE IS SO CUTE AND TINY. And actually kind of a steal at $350. :D

Unfortunately, the guy couldn't transfer my hard drive, but I didn't lose much-- just about a thousand words of the next Yves story (when he comes home from university for the first time), which shouldn't be too crazy hard to rewrite.

Now, about this story. Thoughts on rewriting Bran )

So then, while I was computerless, this happened in my notebook. It's... longer than I expected, and may need some editing down before I try to incorporate it into a rewritten Bran, but for now I'm just going to post it as-is, in hopes that you guys enjoy. :)

Good morning, beautiful boy. How did you sleep? )

Swing Gently - Leona Naess
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This was a fairly popular write-in request on the post-Lee-chapter-49 poll (complete and utter Lee spoilers in that link, it goes without saying).

Prefatory author's note )

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere/ And gie a hand o thine... )
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*zips by leaving a scattered trail of flying papers, a la Daphne on Heroes*

Post-Bran, pre-Jesse, ~1200 words )
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Oh, this graph is so accurate. XD

(I LOVE fantasy and speculative fiction, not least because they both often have lots of good slavery, but! How often does it look like this! "The swaggering annuntiptorius looked down at his trembling, manacled mesticima with a cruel expression. 'Fowclestes,' he sneered, using the pejorative term for a frail young boy-slave intended for use in the bed of a burly pederast, 'see that you do not misbehave before his exaltedness the bundlefret, or your back shall surely bleed from my spinnaminder, which is like a whip, but lashier...'")

Also, y'all, I am catastrophically behind on comments again, but y'all know I always catch up eventually, right? And that I value each and every one of your comments, and replying to them, and the conversations we start that way, beyond any possible measure, y'all know that, right? I've been sick and sleepy and busy with work, but I will get caught up, because I want to get caught up, but I also want to go ahead and post this story now because I already missed the actual equinox.

So, even though I vaguely feel that it is rude to keep posting stories when I haven't replied to all the comments from the last one (kind of like getting married again before you've written all the thank-you notes for the gifts from your first wedding), here is the last in the series of stories set on the yearly festivals: winter solstice, vernal equinox, summer solstice, Bran's birthday, and:

Where are the songs of Spring? Ay, where are they?/ Think not of them, thou hast thy music too... )
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Slave Breakers, post-"Bran" pre-"Jesse," ~1300 words.

Why is Bran avoiding me? )
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Written quite specifically to [ profile] wickhouse2005's request, off the general talk of makeup in the last story, here: How about Lisa gifting Bran with some makeup, Jer helping Bran apply it and then Holden's reaction. I'll send virtual sand dollars and star fish your way for this story. ^.^

I never turn down virtual starfish. Takes place (as does so much!) between "Bran" and "Jesse."

Maquillage, c'est camouflage, et je n'aime pas... )
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Oh, also, here is another short story with Bran and Holden. Inspired by talk of consent on the last story. No, I still don't have an attention span. Sorry. Working on it, honest.

*ogles Dr. Manhattan*

I'm not asking whether you'll obey my orders. )
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So. Something is happening that I still can't quite get my mind around: People are writing fanfic of "The Slave Breakers." And it's awesome.

The secret belief that this is actually all some sort of ridiculous egotistical hallucination on my part has kept me from pimping it here before now, but its awesomeness has now officially overpowered that. So.

[ profile] me_ya_ri has written "Finding Home", a one-shot with original characters and cameos from Holden and Bran, and is writing "Losing Yourself To Find Yourself" (parts one and two), a multi-chapter WIP with different original characters.

[ profile] morgan_cian is writing "Welcome to Tenarus", a multi-chapter WIP where a (slave-owning) family of original characters moves to Holden and Alix's hometown.

[ profile] cgravenstone, as part of the undefined semi-collaborative work that is me putting his original fictional LJ persona into an ongoing Slave Breakers-'verse side story, has written a one-shot with original but semi-canonical characters, "Anniversary". (By the way, Crimson, baby, I love you, and I would never discriminate against you for being fictional, but oy vey, the semantics of it all!)

[ profile] anne_squires has written a one-shot with Holden and Bran, "Encounters".

And now [ profile] wickhouse2005, whose teeming imagination has given me more plot bunnies than I can possibly ever do justice, has finally caved (despite her protested and entirely chimerical "lack of writing talent") and written a perfectly lovely Jer/Holden vignette. (Check the comments of that post for a nice little follow-up ficlet by [ profile] morgan_cian.)

But [ profile] wickhouse2005 agreed to post her bit of fic to LJ only when I bribed her with the promise of canonizing one of her throwaway references. So here's the story I promised her, which takes place in the fourth week of Bran's initial training process. (Hope those of you who've been wanting more scenes of Bran's training enjoy, too.)

Did you ever attend your former masters in the bath? )
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Slave Breakers one-shot: Two weeks after the summer solstice... )
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Some of you have seen this already, but I think it's time to make it official, as a recent reader's response to the first version of the scene (hi, [ profile] kaydyy!) reminded me that it doesn't seem to have conveyed precisely what I wanted it to convey.

So: this is the rewritten version of the chapter. I'm linking it on the index instead of the old one. The changes start about halfway down. (I also made some minor edits to this chapter, for continuity. If anyone spots any other discontinuity, please let me know?)

Previous chapter

Bran Chapter Six: Newly Canon! )

Next chapter


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