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I'm alive, just very busy with RL. Apologies and many many thanks to you all for your wonderful, kind, thoughtful, thought-provoking comments. Going to need to do massive weekend catchup again to respond to them all properly.

In the meantime, here's me rambling about which bits of the psyche write the best fiction, plus thoughts on why Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series doesn't exactly work for me but also doesn't enrage me the way certain other badly written insanely popular books do (*coughDANBROWNIWILLDESTROYYOUCOUGH*).

You can't see the stars, love. That's the ceiling. Also, it's day. )
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Okay, I was thinking more about this while I was at the grocery store.

The bit about Harry Potter in a recent entry, expanded into a more long-winded lecture on the subject of Harry Potter and elemental affinities. )

(My husband, on pre-reading this: "You think a lot about Harry Potter, huh?")
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I discovered this site while googling for cool eyepatches, and ever since then, I've been playing around on it whenever I'm having to sit still and I'm too jumpy to read (or write, or knit) anything more substantial. Just found this page. Intrigued!

And when I am intrigued, lo, I ramble! )
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EDIT 4/23: O hai, [ profile] metafandom! Um, this is unexpected. *hastily straightens tie and tries to look presentable* I'm kind of swamped IRL right now-- will try and respond to your thoughtful comments in an equally thoughtful manner soon-- just a couple things:

1) Here is an earlier entry in which I talk a bit more about slash, feminism and those Dworkinite essays. I was sort of assuming that the only people who would read this one (i.e. my friendslist) would also have read the other one.

2) Potentially! I think slash is potentially feminist! Not inherently, or even usually!

OK, as you were.


In which I go all analytical on a dumb TV show, and ramble for hours about feminism, sex, power, and slave fic. Feel free to skip. Don't worry, we'll return you to your regularly scheduled smut shortly. )

For those of you following along with the hospital saga: no change, thanks for asking.
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[ profile] inoru_no_hoshi linked on InsaneJournal to this blog post, which, based on the linked responses in her post, has rather been making the rounds. And I... well, I'm not going to bother pointing out the generalizations and inaccuracies and whatnot; it looks like the rest of the internets have that covered. But I had a few thoughts on it. More than I thought I should reasonably inflict on her in a comment.

So I thought I'd inflict them on *everyone*! )

Okay, now that that's out of my system... *runs off to flirt with the commentators to her lesbian gayboyporn for girls*

*Though one redeeming feature of the whole "cat" association is that Alice's conversation with her kitten from the beginning of Through The Looking-Glass sets the tone perfectly for reading the entire book as surrealist lesbian porn, complete with a man (The Red King) without whose fantasies the whole world would implicitly cease to exist-- or would it?

**Actually, I have the same problem, to a lesser extent, with asshole terminology. Apparently the English language doesn't respect the gay bottom (no pun intended) any more than the Second Sex. Go figure.


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