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Story rec: 'My Donald' )

Oh and speaking of stories with girls in them: yes, "Intake Counselor" was a teaser for a new SB-verse serial fic. I don't want to say too much about it just yet because I'm still not sure how long it's going to be, but I'm writing on it a lot lately, and figuring some stuff out. It's the first story I've written in this 'verse that I'd hesitate to call slavefic, although I've seen other fics that called themselves slavefic that had the same amount of slavery in them (that is, they started with the rescue and spent the story exploring the post-slavery fallout), so maybe it is, I don't know. But it Contains No Actual Slavery. I hope it's going to work out. I'm really enjoying writing it, more than I thought I would actually. And it's sort of nice to be writing primarily girls for a change; as my late lamented husband once commented on reading my work, "Well, this is a bit of a sausage-fest, isn't it?"

Plus, y'all missed Jesse, right?


Jul. 17th, 2008 02:28 am
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Y'all know, I prefer original fic to fanfic...

...and I especially don't like fanfic of fandoms I'm not familiar with...

...and I've never watched a single episode of Stargate: Atlantis...

...and fanon OTPs of which even non-fans are necessarily aware make me feel contrary...

...but I swear to the World Ash Tree, I will never, ever, ever be tired of rereading this story.
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Okay, I was thinking more about this while I was at the grocery store.

The bit about Harry Potter in a recent entry, expanded into a more long-winded lecture on the subject of Harry Potter and elemental affinities. )

(My husband, on pre-reading this: "You think a lot about Harry Potter, huh?")
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I've just been made aware that gentle reader [ profile] thirdsouthobbi has her own original slavefic, "Blake," in progress at [ profile] lockedncaged. I thought I'd mention it here as I think there should be considerable overlap between those who enjoy The Slave Breakers and those who would enjoy Blake. Personally I really love finding original (non-fandom-affiliated) slavefic online-- I hardly ever read fanfic if I'm not familiar with the source material, and if I am, it's always kind of weird trying to fit the slavefic tropes into the familiar source material, and there's all these issues of OOC and AU, and half the time I'm just going, um, your story would be really good and hot and awesome if you would just change the names and make it an original fic.

Not always, of course. [ profile] lit_gal's Whedonverse slavefic springs to mind as something that really wouldn't work as well in any other 'verse, and there's lots else out there that's good as fanfic and does cool things with established canon and character-- but especially when you've got General Quigonus Maximus boffing a fifteen-year-old barbarian slave named Obiwanides in ancient Rome, or underage-vassal Fox Fitzmulder marrying Lady Dana of the Right Honorable House of Scully, or something, it's like, dude, I love your writing, love the setting, love the slavery, but just make it original historical fiction already.

Maybe that's just me.

(Conversely, nobody ever writes the classical Roman fanfic I do want to see. If anybody will write me Petronius Arbiter/Nero, specifically the ones from Quo Vadis, I will clean your house.)

But I'm also aware it can be a lot harder to build a readership with original stuff, so if you're interested, do mosey on over to [ profile] lockedncaged and check out Blake. And while you're in the original-slavefic groove, the marvelously prolific [ profile] morgan_cian has put together a handy little index page for Triumvirate and Black Rising-- which I'm in the (very slow, because real life recently jumped me from behind and left me for dead in a dark alleyway, and also, I suck; sorry, Amy) process of betaing for her, and is also posting another original slavefic called Texas.

Me, I'm working on chapter sixteen of Lee, and I also have a few one-offs on the back burner, and I got a paid account for my birthday, so have a small poll!

[Poll #1135719]


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