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You are The Star! )

I ♥ this, not only because the Star IS my card (being ruled by Aquarius) but because it's my favorite major arcanos and I luvs it.

I don't like that picture though. Here are images of the Star in all the tarot decks I own. The Phantomwise is my favorite. :)
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I discovered this site while googling for cool eyepatches, and ever since then, I've been playing around on it whenever I'm having to sit still and I'm too jumpy to read (or write, or knit) anything more substantial. Just found this page. Intrigued!

And when I am intrigued, lo, I ramble! )
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I was doing Lee's horoscope last night (shut up, it is part of my process) and got down Linda Goodman's Sun Signs on a whim. For those who aren't familiar, it's a silly little astrology paperback, very chummily written and claiming to be able to tell you all about everybody you know based on their astrological sign, and it was quite a hit when it was first published in the sixties (and into the seventies-- if you've read The Stepford Wives, it's the book Charmaine keeps trying to get Bobbie and Joanna to read). It's a fun little book and I really enjoy the language for some reason-- just very seamless, engaging, chatty, slangy sixties-era prose-- and she can be quite insightful at times.

But I was noticing one thing, looking at it from the perspective of the characters I had in mind: that it was usually most useful looking at the "X sign as a man" sections for the owners and the "X sign as a woman" sections for the slaves, because a lot of the differences she cites are in terms of protector/breadwinner/businessperson vs. homemaker/object of desire/person who will make you feel like the center of the universe every time you come home from your big strong job. Like for Pisces, apparently it's very dangerous to marry a Pisces "man" because he's too dreamy and starry-eyed to make money and pay the bills, but you can't ask better than a darling dreamy-eyed adoring Pisces slave, I mean woman. And Leo men will surround themselves with luxury, but when you're courting a Leo girl, make sure you bring her expensive gifts, give her plenty of money for the housekeeping, etc. Things like that. Bit disturbing really. But interesting.

[ profile] wickhouse2005 posed an interesting question on the last Yves story: "And what is Greta's reaction to Yves being beat for her sake, would she feel guilty, does this give her more ammunition against Holden?" The following very brief snippet is intended as a partial answer to that, and also a bit of a bridge between that scene and the next Yves story (and last in the series of four inspired by [ profile] aerialsprite's original request for fic about the early days of Holden and Yves' relationship), which should be going up fairly soon-- probably after chapter four of Lee, but I'm not sure.

I didn't think he'd turn on you so fast. )


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