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So I feel guilty about even having written this because I'm like "self, at this moment where you are writing this thing you should be working on The Maiden, or doing LJ housekeeping, or unpacking boxes, or something" and "self, you are never going to get on this whole selling SB thing if you keep writing random follow-up one-shots instead," also I am trying to title things now by ripping off song lyrics which is at least a step in the right direction from never titling anything at all, also I have to go do laundry right now.

post-Lee, ~2600 words

Should I know who that is? )
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So, having just posted a story in which Holden is a 20-year-old basket case (Alix is 18 in that story-- I KNOW RIGHT), now I've got this, which is just kind of a classic slaveficcish one-shot, with no real purpose beyond the fact that it's the sort of thing I enjoy writing.

(I think my favorite thing about writing Holden's character is the way in which each person he falls for [romantically or otherwise] turns him into less of an asshole. It's like "Beauty and the Beast," except instead of just one beautiful maiden to break the curse, there are like eleven beautiful people tag-teaming this guy. Fun game: spot the influence of, respectively, Jer, Alix, Yves, Valor, and Bran on the Holden of this story. Jesse and Lee haven't even gotten started yet.)

Gayle )
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OK, first of all, this picture just popped up on my friendslist a couple of times FOR THE WIN, so naturally I'm sharing:

Can't stop the signal )

(I love the little head-duck the sign guy is doing, like "Hat-brim sin-shield engage!" Also: hell is going to be a PARTY.)

And now for some gay porn er, sexless het! This scene, set at Argounov's two weeks after Alix first shows up, has been referenced a few times (described from Jer's point of view here, mentioned by Holden here, a few other more oblique references) and I think at one point I said I wasn't going to write it, but, um, I changed my mind.

Let's see how far we've come )
maculategiraffe: (Default) follow-up to another one of the drabbles.

(god, writing SB 'verse is such comfort food)

Ella )
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So it's been way too long since I wrote anything in the Slave Breakers 'verse. I miss these guys. And I get plot bunnies. I've just been kind of working on Maiden for awhile. But Maiden needs a rest as I plot towards the conclusion and get the replies-to-comments post wrapped up.

Anyway, for the holidays, since I failed at getting out a holiday story, here are four Slave Breakers plot bunnies that have wriggled in, post-Lee, in 100-word drabble form. I'm pretty sure I'll end up writing all these stories, eventually. Of course, if you guys find them intriguing, that will be incentive. :) Plus-- I did say five-- a bit (not spoilery for the story so far) from the next chapter of Intake Counselor.

1. You have a responsibility to the community. )

2. I got your letter. )

3. I have a situation. )

4. I don't trust you. )

5. Those are the names of your gods? )
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Since I announced that I would happily trade fic for fanart, there have been two lovely posts over at [profile] slavebreakers, and though [profile] fantasy_1988 has not claimed her winnings for her Lee + Jer drawing, [profile] isha_lj knew what she wanted for her drawing of young Yves:

I was hoping for one where Holden trains Yves in orgasm control. So hopefully something with orgasm denial and begging. Not sure if Holden ever *did* that training with Yves, but if he did...

Well... I seem to have written what amounts to the prequel to her scenario instead of the scenario itself. I actually kind of suck at writing begging-type dialogue (I'm no good at it in bed either, as I quickly devolve into dire threats of vengeance), so maybe it's for the best. Hopefully it provides enough of a setup to adequately kindle the imagination on what comes next.

It's not your fault nobody ever taught you any better. )
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...Slave Breakers summer solstice fic. Part of the post-Lee series begun here (winter solstice) and here (spring equinox).

Summer lovin', had me a blast )
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Thank you so much to everyone who has responded so far to my poll (friendslocked, but I'll always friend you back if you friend me and don't appear to be a robot. I like getting to know my readers). I'm writing a thinky-thoughts post right now about my creative process as it relates to Slave Breakers Original Flavor (tm), Intake Counselor, and The Maiden, and how it's affected (and not affected) by audience reaction. But while I'm hashing all that out, for all my sweet slash-loving readers who are so kindly sticking with me as I wander afield into sexually-frustrated girlslash and femdom-het and weird crackly hands, how about some early-era Holden/Yves?

Set between this and this (and relatedly, god, how badly do I need to update the index page? I'll try to do that tonight).

I had several requests for this scene aeons ago. See, I don't forget )
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This is a really old request-- I put it up on a poll of things I promised to write one time, and I think it's the only one I hadn't yet.

I've never done this before. I mean-- with a slave. )
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Several people expressed interest in seeing this drabble extended (and others at various times have expressed the desire for a similar encounter) so...

Is this where Bran Olafsen lives? )
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Thank you for all your kind words on the Jer-and-Yves-meeting story (if you missed it, it went thataway).

And so it won't be too late after Easter (although it's way late after the actual vernal equinox), here's your second runner-up at superdoublequick speed: the vernal equinox after this winter solstice.

In which Bran and Holden pay a visit )
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Okay, so I've been all writer's blocked what with, um, everything-- I had three stories (one post-Lee, one early Jer, one Wonder Girl) almost ready to go from before, and two others that I was in the middle of, and I haven't really had the heart to work on any of them and I didn't know what else to write and I just haven't been writing, which as you guys know is not normal for me, I'm always writing SOMETHING.

And today I really needed to write something (I actually ache and twitch if I'm not writing, it's kind of like sleeping or eating, or talking to people, for me-- stress makes it harder, but if I don't do it, it affects me very negatively, my overall state) but I still couldn't really bring myself to look at any of the stories from before, and finally I just wrote this scene, which is like... basically this is my writerly id's Thing That It Does, if left to its own devices. I mean if I don't have an outline, or a plot, or a prompt, or an idea-- if I just sit down and am like, hey hips, wiggle for me.

So-- at least I WROTE something. For the first time since the end of the world as we knew it; so hopefully that will help with the block on the other stories in the wings. So here it is, you can read it; post-Bran, pre-Jesse, ~1200 words.

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Part I )

Part II )
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Pull yourselves together. We don't have much time. )


Jan. 24th, 2009 02:09 pm
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First: due to a Series of Unfortunate Events (though nothing involving a count with a tattoo of an eye on his ankle), I still haven't mailed out people's perfume. I'm sorry. :( I do have it all packaged up in ziploc bags with people's addresses written on slips of paper, ready for the padded mailers, and I should be able to get to at least the extended-hours post office on Monday, barring more snow or unexpected emergency-room visits (no worries; total false alarm).

I'm also going through backlogged comments and messages tonight looking for important things I have doubtless missed or forgotten about. I've given up on catching up completely, but I am going to get to a point from which I feel comfortable moving on and doing better at staying on top of things in the future; I'm not sure what that point will be yet, but I'm hoping to determine and achieve it this weekend.

In the meantime, here is the "Yves comes home from university for the first time" story I promised.

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,/ And loved the sorrows of your changing face... )
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Another story-in-reply-to-several-different-comments, on several different recent stories.

(I do think maybe a new, post-Lee Yves miniseries is in order. What say you?)

I was just playing with you last night. You know that, right? )
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By popular request.

I said I owed you an apology, and I do, so let's just start with that. )
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This was a fairly popular write-in request on the post-Lee-chapter-49 poll (complete and utter Lee spoilers in that link, it goes without saying).

Prefatory author's note )

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere/ And gie a hand o thine... )
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Wanted to get this posted before I go out of town for the new year-- could be a couple days without 'net access, not that I'm so on top of things right now that anyone would be likely to notice. :P

This story was prompted by [ profile] talomor messaging me a few days ago and asking, in essence, "So whatever happened to Pavel?"

So everybody put your best suit or dress on... )


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