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(Yes, this is the second day of Christmas. The 25th is Christmas Day, and then the 26th is the First Day of Christmas, making the 6th, Feast of the Epiphany, also Twelfth Night. The more you know!)

One savage beating, and a par-tri-hidge in a pear tree. )

(author's note) )
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I am making a concerted effort this weekend to catch up on all things LJ. I currently have eleventy million tabs open in Firefox, and I hope to give all of them a good honest closing. So if you find yourself, sometime this weekend, being commented upon, or replied to, and having to dust off your notifications to figure out what the heck I'm responding to, that's why.

In the meantime, here is a short original slavefic piece, unaffiliated with the Branverse in any way.

1000 words, PG-13, gen )
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Written quite specifically to [ profile] wickhouse2005's request, off the general talk of makeup in the last story, here: How about Lisa gifting Bran with some makeup, Jer helping Bran apply it and then Holden's reaction. I'll send virtual sand dollars and star fish your way for this story. ^.^

I never turn down virtual starfish. Takes place (as does so much!) between "Bran" and "Jesse."

Maquillage, c'est camouflage, et je n'aime pas... )
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After this discussion with [ profile] cgravenstone, I, uh, wrote this. It's also 1000 words. I'm sorry; this hospital is affecting my attention span.

And if I hold you like/ Tomorrow you might die/ Well, that's because you might )
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Plan to catch up on comments and friends list and such sometime today or tonight (been getting some truly awesome comments, indeed, which have made me grin immoderately), but in the meantime, since the Crimson thing is a bit of a downer at the moment, here is a bit of... something else. I had an eight-hour drive yesterday, and I listened to a lot of Magnetic Fields, and just couldn't get some of these images out of my head. Wrote it really fast this morning. Hope it's not too silly. Takes place sometime after "Jesse" and before "Lee."

Maybe it's you/ You know your eyes are awful blue/ Maybe it's more/ Maybe you're all I ever waited for )


Apr. 5th, 2008 11:48 pm
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To which we briefly referred in Chapter 14 of 'Jesse' )
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Well, that was a fun blackout, wasn't it? What did we all do for 24 hours without our beloved eljay? I ran many useful errands under the sun. Bright thing, that sun. Very.

Also, of course, I wrote a bit of fic. Here's the scene, much requested in the comments to this story, where Holden reacts to the news of the Yves-and-Jer sex; it ended up right at 1000 words.

Have a meme to post and comments to catch up on, later. Too sleepy now. (Sad, true fact about my chosen profession: Friday night means I can go to bed at 8:30 like I want to, instead of forcing myself to stay up grading papers.)

I take it you and Jer had fun while I was out. )
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At current posting, Yves/Valor is at a distant second in the poll (which I suspect is the only kind of second that a not-slash prompt could be with you lot!). I'm working on Jer's first night, but it's more intense and might take a while. Wrote this pretty quickly last night and when I finished it was 996 words, so I decided to make it an even thousand. Set let's say a little less than a year after the end of the epilogue of "Bran." Yves/Valor, so het-- well, sortakinda.

You know he doesn't like you to leave marks on me. )


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