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Sorry this update took longer than usual-- I sustained a nasty bite from a Wonder Woman lunchbox and have been working very diligently ever since on another, completely unrelated story (16,021 words and counting!) which I hope to post here in the fullness of time. But would I leave you hanging in re: our sweet boy heroes? (PS. I would not.)

Part Six

Part seven: in which Jesse entirely fails to mind his own business )

Part Eight
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Not to be confusing, but I'm thinking about organizing this fic, eventually, as a trilogy (I've just gotten a bee in my bonnet about another sequel, for whenever I have the wherewithal), and I'd probably call the whole trilogy "The Slave Breakers" and give the individual components individual names (like for example it could be "Bran" for the first, completed 15-part story, "Jesse" for this one and "Not Telling" for the last one-- does that make any sense?).

Anyway, I'm calling this story "Jesse" for now.

Part Four

Part five: in which the fairer gender, they always turn my head )

Part Six
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Okay, I can't just leave that hanging. ;)

Part One

Part two: in which a few things get cleared up )

Part Three
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Okay, cats and kittens, I've got enough sketched out towards the sequel to "The Slave Breakers" that I'm going to bite the bullet and post chapter one. I hope you enjoy! I also hope you comment if you do, as comments appear to stimulate me to produce more fic the same way bells stimulated that one dog to produce more saliva. Cool neurology, huh? I'm writing my dissertation on it. Whenever I have time.

The Slave Breakers (completed fic to which this is the sequel)

Chapter one: in which I still suck at coming up with titles for WIPs )

Part Two


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