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So I feel guilty about even having written this because I'm like "self, at this moment where you are writing this thing you should be working on The Maiden, or doing LJ housekeeping, or unpacking boxes, or something" and "self, you are never going to get on this whole selling SB thing if you keep writing random follow-up one-shots instead," also I am trying to title things now by ripping off song lyrics which is at least a step in the right direction from never titling anything at all, also I have to go do laundry right now.

post-Lee, ~2600 words

Should I know who that is? )
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First of all, OMG this is so much fun. It correctly guessed Luna Lovegood, Howard Roark, River Tam, Peter Pan, Sandman's Delirium, Violet Baudelaire, Tara from Buffy, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII, and Joseph (of the coat of many colors) in a scant handful of yes-or-no questions. I did stump it with Little Lord Fauntleroy (though it guessed Charlie Bucket and then Oliver Twist, so given the information in its database that was pretty good) and Harriet Vane (it guessed Eliza Doolittle, heh) but I've entered those characters into its database now, which I love that you can do.

Second, I kind of didn't want to stop writing after that Lee/Jer drabble, so, uh, here.

Our talk is cheap, but the phone bill is not )
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So it's been way too long since I wrote anything in the Slave Breakers 'verse. I miss these guys. And I get plot bunnies. I've just been kind of working on Maiden for awhile. But Maiden needs a rest as I plot towards the conclusion and get the replies-to-comments post wrapped up.

Anyway, for the holidays, since I failed at getting out a holiday story, here are four Slave Breakers plot bunnies that have wriggled in, post-Lee, in 100-word drabble form. I'm pretty sure I'll end up writing all these stories, eventually. Of course, if you guys find them intriguing, that will be incentive. :) Plus-- I did say five-- a bit (not spoilery for the story so far) from the next chapter of Intake Counselor.

1. You have a responsibility to the community. )

2. I got your letter. )

3. I have a situation. )

4. I don't trust you. )

5. Those are the names of your gods? )
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Several people expressed interest in seeing this drabble extended (and others at various times have expressed the desire for a similar encounter) so...

Is this where Bran Olafsen lives? )
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Um, bear in mind this is all backlog; like I said, most of these were very close to ready to go before the world ended. Don't get too used to this rate of posting. Also, I decided to get all backlogged stories posted before I work on catching up with other LJ-related things (like comment replies), because I always view my stories as my major method of communicating with y'all anyway and I hate having stories held in reserve because I feel like they answer more questions than I can in comment-replies. I am not ignoring y'all though; just trying to be more or less methodical about getting back into the swing of things.

I'm a little nervous about this one, for reasons that are probably obvious. Hope it works.

Correspondence )
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Thank you for all your kind words on the Jer-and-Yves-meeting story (if you missed it, it went thataway).

And so it won't be too late after Easter (although it's way late after the actual vernal equinox), here's your second runner-up at superdoublequick speed: the vernal equinox after this winter solstice.

In which Bran and Holden pay a visit )
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Part I )

Part II )


Jan. 24th, 2009 02:09 pm
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First: due to a Series of Unfortunate Events (though nothing involving a count with a tattoo of an eye on his ankle), I still haven't mailed out people's perfume. I'm sorry. :( I do have it all packaged up in ziploc bags with people's addresses written on slips of paper, ready for the padded mailers, and I should be able to get to at least the extended-hours post office on Monday, barring more snow or unexpected emergency-room visits (no worries; total false alarm).

I'm also going through backlogged comments and messages tonight looking for important things I have doubtless missed or forgotten about. I've given up on catching up completely, but I am going to get to a point from which I feel comfortable moving on and doing better at staying on top of things in the future; I'm not sure what that point will be yet, but I'm hoping to determine and achieve it this weekend.

In the meantime, here is the "Yves comes home from university for the first time" story I promised.

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,/ And loved the sorrows of your changing face... )
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Another story-in-reply-to-several-different-comments, on several different recent stories.

(I do think maybe a new, post-Lee Yves miniseries is in order. What say you?)

I was just playing with you last night. You know that, right? )
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Dear God. I am currently considering declaring (moral) bankruptcy vis-a-vis my backlog. I thought I could catch up over break, but then a whole bunch of life stuff happened and now my brain has melted out my ears and I cannot muster intelligent commentary on a goddamn thing.

What I think I might should do about being so behind on commenting to other people is make a post here reccing all the stories I've been reading, instead. I'll try and do that soon.

But one thing even brain-melting cannot prevent, apparently, is me writing one-shots.

On the morning after Lisa's wedding:

In a galaxy far, far away )
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This was a fairly popular write-in request on the post-Lee-chapter-49 poll (complete and utter Lee spoilers in that link, it goes without saying).

Prefatory author's note )

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere/ And gie a hand o thine... )
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Wanted to get this posted before I go out of town for the new year-- could be a couple days without 'net access, not that I'm so on top of things right now that anyone would be likely to notice. :P

This story was prompted by [ profile] talomor messaging me a few days ago and asking, in essence, "So whatever happened to Pavel?"

So everybody put your best suit or dress on... )
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Today is D-Day-- I have SHITLOADS to do before leaving for winter break-- but then there is winter break, which is a time for catching up on unfinished business, and starting new business, such as putting together a Slavefic Tropes wiki (seriously, who can make a website? I can't, I'm technologically impaired). So hopefully I will be around more this coming next week.

In the meantime, have a story that is the closest you will probably ever see me come to v- v- v-

v- v-


Yep, it's Mona/Lee. )
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I just realized why I've been falling so incredibly far behind on replying to comments-- well, a factor, anyway, besides the non-negligible "work" and "sick" and "laptop died" and "holidays require insane amounts of family gathering" and "broke-ness requires insane amounts of knitting and other handcrafting for family Christmas presents" factors. I think it has to do with the fact that the content of comments to my stories has been trending away from "I liked A, and I thought B was a really nice little bit of dialogue" (which makes me want to immediately reply with "YAY! Thank you! Will you be my new best friend?") to "Ooh, I wonder about X, and I speculate that Y, and-- actually, you know what I'd REALLY love to see? A story where Z." To which the proper reply, in my show-don't-tell world, is not "Indeed, X! Though not, I think, Y. As for Z, maybe LMNOP. Thanks for commenting!" The proper reply is for me to write an XYZ (LMNOP) story.

But then writing the story takes a lot of time, and then I feel weird about posting the story before I've replied to comments, and then if I do post something else there are more wonderful fascinating comments to catch up on, and it's all a vicious behindness cycle. And it's not like I feel ok about just replying to the comments that are all "Loved the story!" and then posting more stories instead of replying to the speculative/story-inspiring ones. That seems discriminatory and callous, and to imply that I like praise better than inspiration, which is untrue!

And I guess I also hate to have my replies-to-comments sound boilerplate, when each comment is so individually neat and exciting-- I want my replies to reflect that. And then I get performance anxiety!

Anyway, I really do still intend to get caught up on replying to comments, even if I have to resort to just saying "hopefully this was addressed in the story I posted after you said it." :P But with that being said, here's another, brief story I wrote to try to answer many different comments and questions and speculations. I hope it stands as an answer to one of yours.

In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishment. There are only consequences. )


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