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I've been working on Intake Counselor 8, but it's giving me a little bit of stick (I should have known better than to try to control Hanna!) and while I sort it out I thought I'd go ahead and get this up. So to speak.

I want to talk to you about what you did to Sean. )
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This is a really old request-- I put it up on a poll of things I promised to write one time, and I think it's the only one I hadn't yet.

I've never done this before. I mean-- with a slave. )
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Today is D-Day-- I have SHITLOADS to do before leaving for winter break-- but then there is winter break, which is a time for catching up on unfinished business, and starting new business, such as putting together a Slavefic Tropes wiki (seriously, who can make a website? I can't, I'm technologically impaired). So hopefully I will be around more this coming next week.

In the meantime, have a story that is the closest you will probably ever see me come to v- v- v-

v- v-


Yep, it's Mona/Lee. )
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Let her pale light in to fill up your room )
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Those of you who come here for the cock exchange should know there are Explicit Girl Bits in this part. If that's not your cuppa, you've been warned.

Lee chapter 28 )
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Hi, dudes and dudettes! (Er, do I have any dudes here, or is it just us chickens? I was just explaining to my third graders that while amicae meae means my-friends-who-are-all-girls, amici mei refers to my-friends-at-least-one-of-whom-is-a-boy, so which is it, friends?)

I've received two one-off requests from [ profile] morgan_cian: Alix and Holden, and Alix and Greta. Oh, you read that right-- requests for het (between husband and wife, no less) and femslash, from my very own friendslist! Who would have thought from [ profile] morgan_cian's own lovely Triumvirate and Black Rising stories, with their bounty of cavorting naked bishie slaveboys, that she harbored such bizarre perversions?

But [ profile] rose_in_texas having already pointed out that Alix too rarely gets sexed onscreen, here I am, warning for het, and a warning for femslash may well be upcoming. If ladyparts ick you, though, stick with me-- [ profile] wickhouse2005 reminded me I need to write a "typical" sex scene between just Jer and Holden at some point, set in the present day. And of course, the next chapter of Lee is upcoming at some point, which should, God willing and the creek don't rise, involve some actual plot. :)

Anyway, this scene is short and set in the present day (Lee-era) of the Branverse, and involves sex between Alix and Holden. )


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