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OK, first of all, this picture just popped up on my friendslist a couple of times FOR THE WIN, so naturally I'm sharing:

Can't stop the signal )

(I love the little head-duck the sign guy is doing, like "Hat-brim sin-shield engage!" Also: hell is going to be a PARTY.)

And now for some gay porn er, sexless het! This scene, set at Argounov's two weeks after Alix first shows up, has been referenced a few times (described from Jer's point of view here, mentioned by Holden here, a few other more oblique references) and I think at one point I said I wasn't going to write it, but, um, I changed my mind.

Let's see how far we've come )
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First of all, OMG this is so much fun. It correctly guessed Luna Lovegood, Howard Roark, River Tam, Peter Pan, Sandman's Delirium, Violet Baudelaire, Tara from Buffy, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII, and Joseph (of the coat of many colors) in a scant handful of yes-or-no questions. I did stump it with Little Lord Fauntleroy (though it guessed Charlie Bucket and then Oliver Twist, so given the information in its database that was pretty good) and Harriet Vane (it guessed Eliza Doolittle, heh) but I've entered those characters into its database now, which I love that you can do.

Second, I kind of didn't want to stop writing after that Lee/Jer drabble, so, uh, here.

Our talk is cheap, but the phone bill is not )
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So it's been way too long since I wrote anything in the Slave Breakers 'verse. I miss these guys. And I get plot bunnies. I've just been kind of working on Maiden for awhile. But Maiden needs a rest as I plot towards the conclusion and get the replies-to-comments post wrapped up.

Anyway, for the holidays, since I failed at getting out a holiday story, here are four Slave Breakers plot bunnies that have wriggled in, post-Lee, in 100-word drabble form. I'm pretty sure I'll end up writing all these stories, eventually. Of course, if you guys find them intriguing, that will be incentive. :) Plus-- I did say five-- a bit (not spoilery for the story so far) from the next chapter of Intake Counselor.

1. You have a responsibility to the community. )

2. I got your letter. )

3. I have a situation. )

4. I don't trust you. )

5. Those are the names of your gods? )
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Another quick Slave Breakers fic-for-art vignette. [profile] fantasy_1988's prompt:

in the last chapter of Lee Jer told Andrei that he should take Lee to the beach sometime and Lee said he'd like that. I was wondering if you could write a little scene of Andrei and Jer taking Lee to the beach and his reaction to the waves.

You are a welcoming back from the ocean )
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Pull yourselves together. We don't have much time. )
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This was a fairly popular write-in request on the post-Lee-chapter-49 poll (complete and utter Lee spoilers in that link, it goes without saying).

Prefatory author's note )

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere/ And gie a hand o thine... )
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If all goes as planned (which nothing ever has, so why should it start now), Mr. Giraffe and I are leaving Monday for a week's vacation at the beach with my family. (It was supposed to be tomorrow, but some things already didn't go as planned.) I'm bringing my laptop, and I think they have wireless internet at the place we're renting, so I'll be checking in, but probably not that often, because, you know, beach. :D

(And family. Family's important too. Obviously.)


Okay, now here's the next Argounov-era flashback story. I know some people are going to feel I've skipped a lot here. For some of what happens in the interval (and for more Jer), check the reminiscences here and here. I'm not currently planning on writing those stories again from first-person POV; I feel it would be redundant from a story standpoint.

Also, I'm still behind on replying to comments, and on reading stories that have been posted recently, and most egregiously on updating the story index. Many apologies. I'm really trying to catch up, but I've been busy in that lots-of-little-things-to-do way that plays merry hob with my ability to actually use my brain for anything language-related without sounding like I've been run through Babelfish into Japanese and German and then back into English. (True quote at the post office yesterday: "Sending of these, and also the..." [long unhappy pause, with gestures] "....envelopes, to pay for them, I need, still. Now.") And I've been prioritizing my actual story writing in my free computer time because I don't want to pause long enough to build up another writer's block made entirely out of space between the last chapter and the current one, if you see what I mean.

So, anyway, I'll shut up. Here's the story.

You can't use a bulldozer/ To study orchids, he said, so... )
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Meant to catch up on more of my comments and reading just now, but oh dear, oh dear, I shall be late. I have three more places to be before five o'clock. Maybe tonight. Here's some more early Jer/Holden.

Take it back, kiss me into the past )
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Yes, this is the first story in another Flashback Miniseries. No, I haven't forgotten about Lee or Crimson.

The first glimpse Jer got of the new kid was mid-fall. )
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Probably NSFW (though it's just a head shot) but this guy looks a lot like how I picture Jer.
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Takes place "last night" in Lee-time, i.e. during the events, roughly, of Lee chapter 29.

Timid like a Chinese whisper/ Calm like a needle in the eye of a twister )
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As requested by [ profile] morgan_cian: "in reading the cutscene from Bran, I stated how much I like the mine/yours dialogue, would you write a brief scene with Holden and one of the boys with that type of dialogue, it could just be a paragraph and I'm rooting for you to go with Jer..."

(It, er, turned into a bit more than a paragraph. But I did go with Jer.)

Contains mine/yours dialogue )
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[ profile] morgan_cian, this is for you, and for [ profile] wickhouse2005, who said, ages ago, "I think we need to see Yves lose it."

This is the first time Yves and Jer have sex.

The middle of adventure's such a perfect place to start... )
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Fear I am hopelessly behind on comments again-- been an interesting couple of days-- but [ profile] morgan_cian requested a scene with Yves and Jer alone together, pointing out that we've seen practically everyone else in pairs but those two, and also that Jer and Yves were super cute together in chapter 20 of "Lee," and I had thought about this scene before, so I'm going to go ahead and put it up. Will catch up with everything else soon, really.

This is set a few days after Holden brings Bran home, so also a few days (plus one) after Jer's first night.

It's been a while since I propositioned anybody. )
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I started this scene a while ago, and I just dug it back up because I got a couple of comments on Jer lately that made me think of it. (Comments spawn fic! It's not just an urban myth!) This is the first night Jer spends at Holden and Alix's after Argounov kicks him out.

*runs to catch up on comments*

I don't need anything. Please, master, take me. )

Shout Out Louds, "Time Left For Love"
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Aargh. Yesterday was horrible and today promises to be equally so. Have not had time to reply to comments or catch up on flist or beta, for which I apologize and will try to remedy soon. Have, however, had time (and mood) to write this (very very short scene). A few people have been asking for a scene where Jer and Holden have sex, or suggesting what such a scene might look like. So...

I've got a story/ Hope you like 'em gory... )
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Happy new year, everyone!

So I just got my picture for [ profile] picfor1000, and I'm-- a moron, because I'm actually not sure what it's of. Can anyone help? I'm supposed to write a thousand-word story about it and right now I got nothin'. (I couldn't just get handcuffs or needles. Oh no, I have to get a... spacecraft? Very large teapot with a very small spout? Help?)

Sixth and lastly, the following scene was requested by [ profile] skylerbird and seconded by [ profile] aerialsprite in the comments over here).

Jer and Holden )
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Jer and Bran )


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