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[ profile] orig_slavefic (by a nose) EXISTS! Join, people! Join like the wind!
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slave_fiction and orig_slavefic are tied in the poll, with fourteen votes for each. Moderated or open posting is also neck-and-neck. If you haven't voted yet and want to go weigh in over there at the last minute, please do so-- and if you backed a slow horse the first time around, feel free to leave a comment weighing in as to which of the two favorites you would prefer. Otherwise I'll make an executive decision sometime in the next couple of hours in order to get this show on the road.
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OK! So I'm putting up a second poll for community name, because there was very little consensus and there were some great write-ins in the comments and I personally suck at titling things so I want as much community feedback as possible on this. Technically, original_slavery is tied as the winner of the poll vote for community name with, um, macs_minions, but I'm pretty sure at least some of y'all were kidding about that last one. You know, like I was kidding when I put it in as an option. :P

I am not putting ALL the write-ins as options in this second (and hopefully final) poll, simply because I want to get this community created sometime this week. Orig_slavefic (suggested by [ profile] morgan_cian) got a lot of support in the comments, and I also really like slave_fiction (suggested by [ profile] shadowsonthesun, along with nonfan_slavefic and author_slavefic, but I like slave_fiction best). Alternatively, [ profile] rose_in_texas' suggestion, chainfic, is a bit less "mundane." I also liked the suggestions of slavetolove ([ profile] thirdsouthobbi) and oc_slavefic ([ profile] nicky69), but am not putting either of them as options in the new poll, for the respective reasons that not all the slavery we write about may be loving and that "OC slavefic" might be mistakable, not only for fic involving Seth Cohen as a slave to Marissa Cooper, but for fanfiction that involves an original character, like my Wonder Girl fic with Ian, not original fiction altogether.

Also, it was sort of a run-off between votes for various types of moderation and for no moderation at all-- that is, no moderation won, but not by more than votes for the various types of moderation combined. I'm not putting that very well, but hopefully you see what I mean. But of the types of moderation, moderated posting seemed to be the favorite. Bear in mind that whatever we do can be changed later if it starts causing trouble.


[Poll #1179699]

After it looks like most people who've been voting all along have voted here, I will probably go ahead and create the community and start drafting userinfo and community guidelines. Please, please keep the chatter and thoughts and discussion of what we want out of this community coming! I haven't had a chance to respond to comments on the last entry, but I've been reading them very intently, and I love how enthusiastic and creative people are being. I'm really excited about having a community of our own where we can all get to know each other better and share the original slavefic love.

Also, speaking of not having a chance to do everything I'd like to, any intrepid souls out there want to volunteer to be my hired goons loyal henchpeople community co-mods?
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So as of this writing, just sixteen hours after pitching the idea, we have, unless I miscount, 33 takers for the idea of an original slavefic community. I believe that's enough, in the absence of strong objection, for me to go ahead and create it. Huzzah! I'm especially squeeful about the 13 people who marked the "and if there were, maybe I'd write something" box!

Though before we go any further, a clarification which I posted in response to an objection from [ profile] tuawahine: This community would in no way be in competition with [ profile] slavefics. The goal would not be to have people posting to the new community INSTEAD of [ profile] slavefics, or for [ profile] slavefics to become the "fanfiction only" slavefic community. What I was envisioning was more like how somebody who wrote a Wincest slave fic could post it both to a Wincest fan community and to [ profile] slavefics; just so, someone could post their original slave fic to the new community, plus [ profile] slavefics, [ profile] powerfic, and, like, a cowboy comm, if the fic had cowboys in it.

The thing is, I feel like we don't see a lot of original fic over at [ profile] slavefics anyway at the moment, which I feel is at least partially because there's less of a perceived audience for it. My hope would be that this community would get people posting it online at all, and then they would post it at [ profile] slavefics, too, so it would still all-- fanfic and original fic-- be findable in one place. There'd just be more of it.

(Did I mention [ profile] slavefics [ profile] slavefics [ profile] slavefics? Great community, [ profile] slavefics.)

OK. So unfortunately, "originalslavefic" has too many characters to be the user handle. (You can have 15.) So I looked "original" up on, but unfortunately most of the synonyms are even longer, or don't really fit. (I was amused that one of the synonyms listed was "master," as in "master copy." master_slavefic?) I did kind of like the vaguely nerdy vibe of slavefic_prime; then again, we could always go for something obvious like nonfenslavefic (though I hate to put un- or non- in the name, it sounds so negative). Original_kink fits, but I dunno, it's kind of broad. Originalslavery, maybe, but it doesn't have the writing thing in the name...

Also, I was looking at the community creation options, and aside from the fact that I am definitely marking us Explicit Adult Content... oh, here, have another poll.

[Poll #1178994]


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