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Well gosh. It's been a while.

I've been working through a lot of personal stuff, with my grief counselor and on my own, and it's been somewhat rocky going, internally speaking. (You guys aren't the only ones I dropped off the map for-- I've gotten some "uh, so, it would be nice to know you're alive" messages from RL friends too.) But I'm alive and healthy and gainfully employed (as a barista at Starbucks! And I kind of love it!) and a couple of days ago I cracked open the word processor and was like "oh hey, that's right, I really really like to write."

So, I've got some stuff that will be going up soon, I expect, new chapters of The Mother and such-- I've got like two proper chapters and then the next installment in that Scheherezade thing-- but while I'm trying to get the engine to turn over, anybody who wants to give me a jump by suggesting a quick piece they'd like me to write would be much appreciated, and I'll do my best.

Missed y'all.
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(serious classics-geek points if you can translate that subject line)

Yeah, that projected schedule worked out great, right. I'm sorry, guys. Work stress and general stress is kicking my ass right now. Summer's coming up, though, and I can get a lot more done then. I'm just going to get what I can done right now and try not to beat myself up too bad. I forgot how panicky I get at the end of any multi-chapter story, trying to wrap things up decently, and The Maiden is really giving me hives.

I'm going to post the Babysitter chapter tonight though, because I'm not trying to wrap that up, and also because I've been bribed to (what up, [profile] mydonald!)-- I'm just not going to reread it first, I'm just going to slam it on up there. And I also just posted a thing in the comments to this entry over at the slavebreakers community that I wrote really fast and sort of liked. So that's there if anybody's interested.

I also have a new counselor therapist person (she's a grief specialist, yeah I know this is way overdue-- I guess it took the one-year anniversary to realize I am not just going to snap out of this anytime soon), and I know you guys will like her as much as I do when I report the following conversation:

her: When are you happiest?
me: Well, I... uh... I write. I write... and I post... online... and I, it's, I've been doing it for awhile...
her: Is that something you want to pursue professionally?
me: Maybe? I've been thinking about it... but that's not, it's just, it's something that I really enjoy doing.
her: What kind of thing do you write?
me: Um...


me: But anyway, I do try to do stress-relief things. You know, I try to get out in the sun, and exercise, and stuff. Spend time with people.
her: That's good. But you know what you need to be doing more of, is the writing. When you said that about writing, your eyes just lighted up. When you said "it's something I really enjoy."
me: Yeah...
her (firmly): Write more.
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I'm alive, and in tolerable spirits-- just completely snowed under by the first weeks of school, and didn't even realize how long it had been since I'd been online. (Plus my work computer is broken, which cuts down on illicit browsing time at work, heh.) I've set aside some time today to catch up on, I sincerely hope, everything I've missed. I haven't been writing, work has been so weird, but I'd like to do some writing this evening if time permits. We'll see. Sorry to be MIA.
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I've been in a bit of a state these last few days-- real-life pileup plus emotional shit-- and I'm really really behind not just on LJ life but on all aspects of online life, I have piled up unread e-mails and messages, & if you've e-mailed me urgently you might want to call me instead if you have my number, or send me another e-mail or message or whatever if you think I've missed it. I'm ok now, working on catching up, I will soon, I think.

oz books babblement )

...anyway. Yes. I am working on catching up, and after a worryingly long time*** of not writing at all (except about particularly tenacious nightmares), I've got the next chapter of Maiden almost ready to go, I think. I'm sorry for the gumminess of my wireless signal lately.

*I am actually not making this up. It's in the foreword to The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

**Okay, that part I am making up. I think the wireless signals do somehow get magically scrambled though.

***For me this is anything over a week.
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Sorry for being awol for a bit. I have been on holiday (which was nice) and I still may be off the radar for the next couple of days. Tomorrow would have been J's and my second wedding anniversary, and I am having intimations of emotional prostration. Don't worry about me, I'll be back soon and catch up with comments/messages etc. Sorry again, I just really don't have the wherewithal right now. Love to you all.

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First of all, my hugest apologies for being even less on top of things than usual right now. I'm afraid I'm less "back" than I'd hoped-- my husband is worse (for those of you who don't know, he's post-transplant and spends a lot of time in the hospital, but right now he's unconscious again and breathing on a vent which is REALLY not good) and, um, yeah, I'm not getting into everything else in my personal life that's causing me to lose what little mind was remaining to me; I'll just say I'm sorry I'm so behind on replying to everyone's lovely messages and recs and fics and generally all things LJ.

Anyway, you know how sometimes I write a story in response to comments on a story? This is kind of a chatty non-story post in response to comments on the last story. I was just writing it as a reply to the comments in question, and then it got all long and rambly and interconnected and I thought it would work better as a separate post. Also it's faster for me, and also if anybody wants to kick up further discussion, well, go for it!

(also disclaimer, I wrote this whole thing really fast and at like three in the morning, so if any of it doesn't make any sense, let me know.)

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And will catch up on everything and everyone, eventually. Pinky swear.

Hi to the bunch of new people who recently friended me, and thank you to whoever recced me to them!

And for the rest of you, who have been waiting so very patiently for the last-- oh, good lord, nearly a month-- for the new chapter of Lee: I'm terribly sorry. As many of you know, my personal life has been, um, interesting lately, and what should have been an extremely minor and temporary writer's block grew to elephantine proportions simply because I haven't had patience left over to sit down and work the damn thing out. Plus, last time I got the chance and inspiration to write, I wrote a bunch of what I thought was chapter thirty-six, which actually turned out to belong to chapter thirty-seven, so that was a setback. Thirty-six is finally coming along at a nice little clip, though, and I think it's going to be long.

For the record, I do currently have all of the following partially written:

  • The next chapter of Crimson

  • The next chapter of Babysitter of Themyscira (hah, you all hoped I'd forgotten about that one!)

  • A Slave Breakers one-shot to be posted sometime in the next week

  • The next two chapters of Lee

Anyway, I guess I should make a start on catching up on my awesome friendslist now. (It's such a burden, having so many enthralling WIPs to read. I don't know how I manage it.)
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This is what I get for not checking my (meatspace) mailbox daily! I'm a day late on discovering how freakin' awesome my friends list is. Thank you SO much to [ profile] anyanka_eg [ profile] morgan_cian, [ profile] cjgravenstone, [ profile] caz_in_a_teacup, and "others" (and I demand to know who said others were, for gratitude and adoration purposes. Identify yourselves!), for your incredibly sweet gift and card, which made me giggle and also tear up a little. I am honestly having trouble finding words to express how touched I am.

Thank you.

*licks dark chocolate off fingers and beams like a champagne supernova*
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Sorry to be AWOL all weekend. I was in the hospital visiting my husband and the visitor wireless network crapped out on me. I'll catch up soon. Haven't gotten much sleep this weekend though-- too many alarms going off in ICU all the time-- so bed now.
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I very rarely go see movies in the theater, because theaters are overpriced plague pits and my husband is immunosuppressed, but he's still in the ICU* and I needed some escapism and the TV commercials for it looked pretty cool so I let myself be dragged to Iron Man.

I don't read much Marvelverse stuff, so I can't tell you how it stacks up with the comic book, but I can tell you it was SO FUCKING AWESOME OH MY GOD. Even sitting through the whole thing with my phone on vibrate in my hand in case of an emergency call from the hospital could not ruin it.

So many explosions! So many deadpanned one-liners! So much awesome! Go see it, and stay through the credits!**

*Things are stable-ish, not as good as I'd like, not as bad as they could be. Not much to report. He still can't talk.
**Applicable only if you're a fan of explosions, deadpanned one-liners and awesome. Void where prohibited.


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