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Thank you very much to everyone who commented on the new chapter of Intake Counselor. :) What can I say, I'm here to write slavefic and explore psychosocial dynamics, and I'm all out of slavery.

lyrics to Fiona Apple's A Mistake, theme song for that chapter )

And here's the song for this one.

The Mother, chapter 6 )
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Short chapter this time.

Chapter five )
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Chapter three went up yesterday

And chapter four )
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Chapter three )
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I'm working on a SB 'verse thingy-- besides Intake Counselor I mean-- and polishing the next couple chapters of The Mother, but it felt right to put this up before the next chapters. Read this first.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and good wishes. It means a lot.

I'd like to say a few things at this juncture. )
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shortish chapter sorry )
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Thank you so much to everybody who commented on the end of The Maiden, and for all your extremely kind comments on my other stories in this interval. Your comments and responses give me such joy and encouragement to continue writing and posting, which obviously has been a difficult thing for me to keep up with lately, though I'm trying hard. Thank you all x a billion. You are wonderful and thoughtful and you make me a very happy writer lady.

Here's the first chapter of the sequel (it's called The Mother, natch, though as in The Maiden, you might not find out for a little while who the title actually refers to). It picks up pretty much exactly where The Maiden left off. I tried to work a teeny bit of "previously, in the Daughterverse" into the chapter but I think you probably need to have read The Maiden to make any sense of this. Maybe not, I dunno. Let me go ahead and post before I psych myself out of it again.

The Mother, chapter one )


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