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So I feel guilty about even having written this because I'm like "self, at this moment where you are writing this thing you should be working on The Maiden, or doing LJ housekeeping, or unpacking boxes, or something" and "self, you are never going to get on this whole selling SB thing if you keep writing random follow-up one-shots instead," also I am trying to title things now by ripping off song lyrics which is at least a step in the right direction from never titling anything at all, also I have to go do laundry right now.

post-Lee, ~2600 words

Should I know who that is? )
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OK, first of all, this picture just popped up on my friendslist a couple of times FOR THE WIN, so naturally I'm sharing:

Can't stop the signal )

(I love the little head-duck the sign guy is doing, like "Hat-brim sin-shield engage!" Also: hell is going to be a PARTY.)

And now for some gay porn er, sexless het! This scene, set at Argounov's two weeks after Alix first shows up, has been referenced a few times (described from Jer's point of view here, mentioned by Holden here, a few other more oblique references) and I think at one point I said I wasn't going to write it, but, um, I changed my mind.

Let's see how far we've come )
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Several people expressed interest in seeing this drabble extended (and others at various times have expressed the desire for a similar encounter) so...

Is this where Bran Olafsen lives? )
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Pull yourselves together. We don't have much time. )
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If all goes as planned (which nothing ever has, so why should it start now), Mr. Giraffe and I are leaving Monday for a week's vacation at the beach with my family. (It was supposed to be tomorrow, but some things already didn't go as planned.) I'm bringing my laptop, and I think they have wireless internet at the place we're renting, so I'll be checking in, but probably not that often, because, you know, beach. :D

(And family. Family's important too. Obviously.)


Okay, now here's the next Argounov-era flashback story. I know some people are going to feel I've skipped a lot here. For some of what happens in the interval (and for more Jer), check the reminiscences here and here. I'm not currently planning on writing those stories again from first-person POV; I feel it would be redundant from a story standpoint.

Also, I'm still behind on replying to comments, and on reading stories that have been posted recently, and most egregiously on updating the story index. Many apologies. I'm really trying to catch up, but I've been busy in that lots-of-little-things-to-do way that plays merry hob with my ability to actually use my brain for anything language-related without sounding like I've been run through Babelfish into Japanese and German and then back into English. (True quote at the post office yesterday: "Sending of these, and also the..." [long unhappy pause, with gestures] "....envelopes, to pay for them, I need, still. Now.") And I've been prioritizing my actual story writing in my free computer time because I don't want to pause long enough to build up another writer's block made entirely out of space between the last chapter and the current one, if you see what I mean.

So, anyway, I'll shut up. Here's the story.

You can't use a bulldozer/ To study orchids, he said, so... )
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Takes place "last night" in Lee-time, i.e. during the events, roughly, of Lee chapter 29.

Timid like a Chinese whisper/ Calm like a needle in the eye of a twister )
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Let her pale light in to fill up your room )
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Hi, dudes and dudettes! (Er, do I have any dudes here, or is it just us chickens? I was just explaining to my third graders that while amicae meae means my-friends-who-are-all-girls, amici mei refers to my-friends-at-least-one-of-whom-is-a-boy, so which is it, friends?)

I've received two one-off requests from [ profile] morgan_cian: Alix and Holden, and Alix and Greta. Oh, you read that right-- requests for het (between husband and wife, no less) and femslash, from my very own friendslist! Who would have thought from [ profile] morgan_cian's own lovely Triumvirate and Black Rising stories, with their bounty of cavorting naked bishie slaveboys, that she harbored such bizarre perversions?

But [ profile] rose_in_texas having already pointed out that Alix too rarely gets sexed onscreen, here I am, warning for het, and a warning for femslash may well be upcoming. If ladyparts ick you, though, stick with me-- [ profile] wickhouse2005 reminded me I need to write a "typical" sex scene between just Jer and Holden at some point, set in the present day. And of course, the next chapter of Lee is upcoming at some point, which should, God willing and the creek don't rise, involve some actual plot. :)

Anyway, this scene is short and set in the present day (Lee-era) of the Branverse, and involves sex between Alix and Holden. )
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Long, cold trip this weekend-- culminating in climbing in the kitchen window of my own apartment in the dark while husband growled at me about losing the keys (found them later in my suitcase, in the toe of one of my bedroom slippers-- yeah, no idea) and neighbors watched interestedly from their deck-- has left me... well, resolved not to lazily leave dishes in the sink next time I go out of town, for one thing, as apparently you never know when you may need to put your knee there. Also, tired.

Also, only half done with the next chapter of "Lee." I'm working on another one-off as well (the first time Bran and Jer have sex without Yves there), but in the meantime, I thought I'd put this up for fun, in case anyone's interested.

Loosely inspired by writing memes I've seen around:

Pick any character from the Slave Breakers universe and I'll tell you

a) why I named them what I did
b) their astrological sign
c) the answer to a question of your choice about them (barring spoilers for things that haven't happened yet!) or, if you don't have a specific question, a random fact about the character

I'll do Alix for an example:

a) I've written stories my entire life, and they've always involved some element of power; when I was fourteen, I wrote a story about a young prince named Nicholas and his page boy, Alec Jamison. (I think I was reading a lot of George MacDonald at the time.) No slash (I was still in my homosexuality-is-an-abomination-unto-the-Lord phase then), just lots of power dynamics and hurt/comfort and some extremely unsubtle religious metaphors. I also have a habit of cannibalizing names from previous stories when I start new ones, so the story I started five years later about a slave girl who fell in love with her master had main characters named Alix Jamesen and Nikol (Argounov). Yes, that was the first story I wrote set in what I'm now calling the Slave Breakers universe. Holden and Jer were minor characters, and Tatiana Rostova had her very own subplot.

b) Virgo. I'm sure this comes as an enormous shock.

c) Alix is the only character in the Braniverse who's based on a real person: me. She started out as a more or less blatant self-insert/Mary Sue, in that first story, and her physical appearance and personality are based on mine. However, as is customary with Mary Sues, she is way cooler than me.

All right, I have to go chop down a Christmas tree now. Have at it!


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