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Laptop update: The guy at the shop said it was fried past hope, and also that he wouldn't charge me for labor if he could keep it for spare parts, so I gave it to him. Then I stopped by to see my wonderful, fantabulous dad, and now I have Hermia in hand. SHE IS SO CUTE AND TINY. And actually kind of a steal at $350. :D

Unfortunately, the guy couldn't transfer my hard drive, but I didn't lose much-- just about a thousand words of the next Yves story (when he comes home from university for the first time), which shouldn't be too crazy hard to rewrite.

Now, about this story. Thoughts on rewriting Bran )

So then, while I was computerless, this happened in my notebook. It's... longer than I expected, and may need some editing down before I try to incorporate it into a rewritten Bran, but for now I'm just going to post it as-is, in hopes that you guys enjoy. :)

Good morning, beautiful boy. How did you sleep? )

Swing Gently - Leona Naess
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So. Something is happening that I still can't quite get my mind around: People are writing fanfic of "The Slave Breakers." And it's awesome.

The secret belief that this is actually all some sort of ridiculous egotistical hallucination on my part has kept me from pimping it here before now, but its awesomeness has now officially overpowered that. So.

[ profile] me_ya_ri has written "Finding Home", a one-shot with original characters and cameos from Holden and Bran, and is writing "Losing Yourself To Find Yourself" (parts one and two), a multi-chapter WIP with different original characters.

[ profile] morgan_cian is writing "Welcome to Tenarus", a multi-chapter WIP where a (slave-owning) family of original characters moves to Holden and Alix's hometown.

[ profile] cgravenstone, as part of the undefined semi-collaborative work that is me putting his original fictional LJ persona into an ongoing Slave Breakers-'verse side story, has written a one-shot with original but semi-canonical characters, "Anniversary". (By the way, Crimson, baby, I love you, and I would never discriminate against you for being fictional, but oy vey, the semantics of it all!)

[ profile] anne_squires has written a one-shot with Holden and Bran, "Encounters".

And now [ profile] wickhouse2005, whose teeming imagination has given me more plot bunnies than I can possibly ever do justice, has finally caved (despite her protested and entirely chimerical "lack of writing talent") and written a perfectly lovely Jer/Holden vignette. (Check the comments of that post for a nice little follow-up ficlet by [ profile] morgan_cian.)

But [ profile] wickhouse2005 agreed to post her bit of fic to LJ only when I bribed her with the promise of canonizing one of her throwaway references. So here's the story I promised her, which takes place in the fourth week of Bran's initial training process. (Hope those of you who've been wanting more scenes of Bran's training enjoy, too.)

Did you ever attend your former masters in the bath? )


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