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First of all, OMG this is so much fun. It correctly guessed Luna Lovegood, Howard Roark, River Tam, Peter Pan, Sandman's Delirium, Violet Baudelaire, Tara from Buffy, Rikku from Final Fantasy X, Yangus from Dragon Quest VIII, and Joseph (of the coat of many colors) in a scant handful of yes-or-no questions. I did stump it with Little Lord Fauntleroy (though it guessed Charlie Bucket and then Oliver Twist, so given the information in its database that was pretty good) and Harriet Vane (it guessed Eliza Doolittle, heh) but I've entered those characters into its database now, which I love that you can do.

Second, I kind of didn't want to stop writing after that Lee/Jer drabble, so, uh, here.

Our talk is cheap, but the phone bill is not )
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So it's been way too long since I wrote anything in the Slave Breakers 'verse. I miss these guys. And I get plot bunnies. I've just been kind of working on Maiden for awhile. But Maiden needs a rest as I plot towards the conclusion and get the replies-to-comments post wrapped up.

Anyway, for the holidays, since I failed at getting out a holiday story, here are four Slave Breakers plot bunnies that have wriggled in, post-Lee, in 100-word drabble form. I'm pretty sure I'll end up writing all these stories, eventually. Of course, if you guys find them intriguing, that will be incentive. :) Plus-- I did say five-- a bit (not spoilery for the story so far) from the next chapter of Intake Counselor.

1. You have a responsibility to the community. )

2. I got your letter. )

3. I have a situation. )

4. I don't trust you. )

5. Those are the names of your gods? )
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Thank you very much to everyone who's been reading and commenting. I'm currently working on a big "replies to comments" post, but in the meantime, please know how much I value each and every word of feedback. You guys keep me going. Thank you so much.

Chapter 23 )
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Hi guys. Sorry-- real life has exploded lately. Trying to get back in the writing saddle.

Maiden chapter twenty-two )
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Chapter 21 )
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Recent writing binge means I've got the next chapter (21) written too, and it's kind of eventful. It will probably go up later today, and then I'll devote some time to catching up on the comments I've missed before I post any more. Thank you all again so much for continuing to read and comment. Means more than I can say.

Chapter 20 )
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Long chapter. Sets up for some future, uh, stuff.

If you've a lesson to teach me/ I'm listening, ready to learn )
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As promised. )
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I'm so sorry I'm still not caught up on replying to comments. I so much appreciate every single one of them. Thank you guys so much for reading and for your lovely constructive commentary.

Chapter seventeen )
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I think I've mentioned before that I hardly ever get writer's block (which I think of as not knowing what to write next, or being unsure where a story is going) but I get "writer's lassitude" where I know damn well what comes next but I just don't feel like writing it. Someday I'll learn that I should just write anyway. Nothing gets me over writer's lassitude like writing. And not writing is very bad for my constitution.

So. Short chapter this time, sorry, but it gets us somewhere. Thank you so much to everyone who is still reading, and especially those of you who have been kind enough to comment. It really really helps, when I'm in a funk, to know that there are people who care whether updates arrive or not.

Sixteen )
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She lives, she writes, she has most of chapter sixteen written! She apologizes again and swears to stop getting this behind on comments! She CURSES REAL LIFE! She posts:

The Maiden, chapter fifteen )
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Another quick Slave Breakers fic-for-art vignette. [profile] fantasy_1988's prompt:

in the last chapter of Lee Jer told Andrei that he should take Lee to the beach sometime and Lee said he'd like that. I was wondering if you could write a little scene of Andrei and Jer taking Lee to the beach and his reaction to the waves.

You are a welcoming back from the ocean )
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Since I announced that I would happily trade fic for fanart, there have been two lovely posts over at [profile] slavebreakers, and though [profile] fantasy_1988 has not claimed her winnings for her Lee + Jer drawing, [profile] isha_lj knew what she wanted for her drawing of young Yves:

I was hoping for one where Holden trains Yves in orgasm control. So hopefully something with orgasm denial and begging. Not sure if Holden ever *did* that training with Yves, but if he did...

Well... I seem to have written what amounts to the prequel to her scenario instead of the scenario itself. I actually kind of suck at writing begging-type dialogue (I'm no good at it in bed either, as I quickly devolve into dire threats of vengeance), so maybe it's for the best. Hopefully it provides enough of a setup to adequately kindle the imagination on what comes next.

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Maiden, fourteen )
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This is a short chapter-- it was going to be one long one with the last one but it ran too long.

Chapter thirteen )
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Chapter twelve )
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I swear we are getting out of the house/bedrooms/kitchen/office sometime this year, but all this stuff kinda had to happen first.

Chapter eleven )
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Chapter ten )
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So I got a couple of questions about Sean's high school experience, and I thought maybe a flashback was in order-- not only to show a glimpse in the life of sixteen-year-old Sean, but because there are a couple of worldbuilding details that were easier to work in here than in the main storyline. I'll probably keep doing flashbacks here and there, for the same reason.

Also, I had a request for an index post, for ease of organization and reccing-- that's coming right up after this.

Thanks for reading and commenting, everybody. :) More specific replies to comments coming soon.

Flashback: Report Card )
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Chapter 9 )


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