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Recent writing binge means I've got the next chapter (21) written too, and it's kind of eventful. It will probably go up later today, and then I'll devote some time to catching up on the comments I've missed before I post any more. Thank you all again so much for continuing to read and comment. Means more than I can say.

Rita found Drew and Kyle in a quiet little cafe, eating sandwiches and drinking coffee. Shyly, Drew produced the report generated by the clinic and offered it to Rita, who glanced over it, confirming Drew's diseaseless state.

"Good," she said. "Then the two of you are free to pursue a physical relationship-- no more restrictions, except what I already discussed with you, Drew."

"Yes, magistra," said Drew meekly.

"Thank you," Kyle added. "Here's the money we didn't spend."

"That's all right," said Rita. "You two may want to go out together again. Keep it for next time."

Kyle looked surprised, and Rita said, "I'm just thinking-- with two of you to do the outside work, it will get done quicker, and you'll have a bit of free time. In fact-- why don't the two of you take the rest of the day off from your work today?"

Drew gaped at her, and even Kyle sounded utterly taken aback when he said, "Really?"

"Don't look so shocked," said Rita. "I'm not that harsh a taskmistress, am I?"

"No, of course," said Kyle, "but-- I mean-- thank you, magistra."

"This is good news," said Rita, lifting the paper before she tucked it into her purse. "You two deserve a little time to savor it. Come on. Let's go get Sean."

When Julia answered her door, Sean was right behind her, smiling shyly at Rita, who smiled back and reached out to take his hand in hers.

"Did you have a good time?" she asked him.

Sean nodded vigorously, and Julia said, "It was wonderful for me and Len to see him again."

"We'll have to arrange for another visit soon," said Rita. "Kiss your mother goodbye for now, Sean."

Sean embraced his mother enthusiastically, and then followed Rita back out to the car.

They were all quiet on the way home, Drew and Kyle looking serious, Sean seeming to bask in some private afterglow, with a little smile playing around his mouth. Leah was quiet, too, though once she asked Rita, "Do you think Emily is going to get Martha fired?"

"If anyone can," said Rita. "And she certainly deserves to be fired. I don't know how someone like that ever gets to be the directrix of an entire men's center."

She glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Sean listening with interest, so she added, "I think Emily makes a better protectrix for Jack, too."

"I never thought I'd see the man I'd say that about," said Leah. "No offense to your sister, of course, magistra, but she's got a bit of a heavy hand when it comes to men. But Jack-- well, I think that's a match made in heaven."

When Rita looked again, Sean was smiling to himself.

When they arrived back at the house and Rita opened the back door to let the men out, Kyle and Drew scrambled out without exactly looking at her, but Sean put his hand timidly on Rita's arm, then jerked it away, looking frightened.

"It's all right," said Rita, amused. "What is it?"

"Magistra," he said, and took a deep breath. "May I talk to you about something?"

"Of course," said Rita, and took him by the hand again. "Should we go up to my office?"

Sean hesitated, and then said, "Yes-- yes-- if that's okay."

Sean knelt and considered Rita, as she sat in her desk chair looking down at him. He'd never thought women appeared to their best advantage from below, which was unfortunate since that was how you usually saw them once you got close, but Rita had a finely cut chin and high cheekbones and smooth skin, and though she wasn't exactly the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, she was nice to look at. Especially now that she kept smiling at him like this.

"What is it, dear?" she asked, reaching down to touch his face, and he leaned forward, pressing himself against her shin, as he said, "Magistra, I-- I think-- I mean, I am-- I'm ready. To have you-- take my maidenhead."

"What, right now?" Rita asked, running a hand over his short hair, and Sean smiled back at her.

"If you want," he said. "I don't-- you shouldn't have to wait. And I'm not going to disobey you again. So-- whenever-- you want."

Rita cupped his face between her hands, turning it up as if to examine it from a better angle, and he blinked up at her. Her eyes weren't the dark brown he would have expected, given her hair; they were a cool clear gray, deep-lidded and serene, and fringed with dark, thick lashes. He wondered if all magistrae were born with gray eyes.

"That's a lovely offer," she said. "Thank you. I won't take you up on it right now-- I'll need time to set the ritual up again-- but I may shorten those two weeks a bit, if you're all right with it. It would be good if we could-- get started."

"I want to," said Sean. "I mean, I'd like to. And last night was--" He blushed. "You were-- you--"

She laughed. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I liked sharing your bed," said Sean, and blushed harder; he would have lowered his head if she hadn't still had it between her hands. "I'd like-- I'm glad-- you chose me. I, I want to-- do what you got me for. I mean--"

"I understand," said Rita, laughter still in her voice. "I'm glad you're offering. But, dear, I'd like to be very sure this time, that you're ready."

"I know," said Sean quickly; he understood the unspoken warning, that if he ruined the ritual again, she couldn't possibly justify keeping him around for a third try. "I-- I don't know what you're going to do to me-- but I'll be good this time, I swear, I'll-- stand still."

"If you can do that," said Rita, finally taking her hands away, though she put one back right away onto his shoulder, "we shouldn't have too much trouble. And I promise you, again, that the ritual will involve no pain for you."

Sean cocked his head to the side and repeated, slightly taken aback, "For me?"

"For you," said Rita, smiling.

Sean hesitated. "I don't want-- anyone-- to get hurt."

"That's sweet," said Rita, and patted him. "I promise no one will get hurt who isn't expecting it, and no one who isn't willing. How's that?"

"That's good," said Sean doubtfully, wondering why his father hadn't mentioned this part.

Rita smiled again.

"You're such a sweet boy," she said. "Do you want to stay with me for a bit, while I work? I have some calls to make-- some things to do with the center. You might be interested."

"I would like that," said Sean. "Thank you, magistra."

Drew kissed Kyle as soon as they were inside the door of the men's dormitory, kicking it shut with a startlingly loud bang as he kissed Kyle so hard and long Kyle pulled away nervously.

"Wait," he said, hardly realizing he'd spoken, and Drew reached out and pulled him closer. "Wait-- Drew-- please--"

"I'm sorry," said Drew breathlessly. "I just-- fuck, Kyle, don't you want this-- aren't you-- tell me you're ready--"

"I don't know," said Kyle, struggling a little, and Drew let him go, looking hurt and upset. "Don't be mad, Drew-- it's not that I don't want you-- it's just, uh, ready for what, exactly?"

"All the things you can do with a clean bill of health," said Drew, trying to make it a joke, though there was a distinctly mirthless hunger in his face.

Kyle swallowed. "And, uh, what are those, exactly?"

"You want me to tell you everything I'd like to do with you right now?" Drew asked, moving towards Kyle again, but halting when Kyle backed up a step. "Kyle?"

"Wait," said Kyle again. "Drew, I-- I didn't ever say this-- I've, uh, I've actually never been with a man before."

Drew laughed, and then peered at Kyle and said, "Wait, seriously? Never?"

"No," said Kyle defensively. "I-- um-- I just never did. So."

"Well, for fuck's sake," said Drew, and laughed again. "Well, okay then. That's okay, Kyle. Um-- if you still-- would like to be."

"I think so," said Kyle. "But you, um, you'll have to be kind of-- patient."

"Yeah, I sure hope I can manage that," said Drew.

Kyle grimaced. "I know you've been really patient already-- I'm sorry, Drew."

"Relax," said Drew. "I'm just cutting up. I don't mind, Kyle. I've waited this long, haven't I?" He sat down on the bottom bunk-- his own-- and patted the mattress next to himself. "C'mere."

Kyle went and perched on the edge of the mattress next to the bigger man, who put an arm around him and leaned down to kiss him, very softly and gently this time, on the lips. Kyle kissed back, liking the taste.

"You okay with getting naked?" Drew asked eventually. "Like last night? I won't do anything you're not ready for-- I swear. And not just because the magistra would grind my bones to make her bread."

Kyle reached obligingly for the hem of his T-shirt, and Drew smiled, and took Kyle's hands in his.

"When you were little," he said, "did you ever see someone get a present that was all wrapped up in colored paper?"

"My sister," said Kyle. "On her birthdays. Why?"

"Didn't it look fun," said Drew, "to unwrap it?"

As he spoke, he took the hem of Kyle's T-shirt in his own hands, and Kyle smiled and held up his arms in playful surrender.

Drew unwrapped him with luxurious slowness, piece by piece; Kyle found himself shirtless, then shoeless, and then with big, eager hands at his waist, unbuttoning and unzipping and drawing down his jeans and underwear, sliding them down his hips so gradually that Kyle was hyper-aware of each newly exposed inch of skin, even though Drew had seen it all much more quickly last night. When Drew bent and kissed Kyle's shoulder, Kyle jumped and shivered, and then he was entirely naked, and to distract himself from the fact that it suddenly seemed weird to be naked in front of Drew, reached out to return the favor by getting Drew naked too.

He was a lot more awkward about it, tugging and getting the shirt mildly stuck on Drew's head, then grappling with sweaty fingers at the fastening of Drew's jeans, but Drew didn't seem to mind; he submitted to Kyle's fumblings with a smile, not helping him, seeming to savor the process despite Kyle's clumsiness.

Finally they were both naked, and Drew reached out and was pulling Kyle down next to him on the bed. Kyle gasped a little, but Drew's strength was impressive as well as intimidating, and on some level it was pretty sexy to be pulled around like this by a bigger, stronger person, at least when you knew he wouldn't hurt you.

Drew pulled him close again and kissed him, but either he was going easier now or it was less frighteningly intense lying down than standing up. They kissed for awhile, while Drew's hands explored the way they had last night, except that now Kyle got up his courage and did some exploring of his own, to very gratifying response from Drew, who shivered and gasped as though he hadn't been touched in these places-- his back, his chest, his hips-- for years. Maybe, Kyle suddenly realized, he hadn't. If he'd ever had any kind of casual liaison with Nick or Jonas, Kyle didn't know about it, and there wasn't really anyone else. It was easy for Kyle to be shy, coming straight from a long, fulfilling sexual relationship where he got plenty of tender touches and could afford to be weird about the differences between Drew and Rita, but Drew was like a starving thing whose only food was Kyle.

Though thinking of himself as a meal and Drew as a ravenous creature probably wasn't going to do anything to make Kyle less nervous about all this. Maybe it was more like Drew was a lonely child and Kyle was his mother-- no, that really didn't help either.

Drew was lonely. That did help to think about; it made his hands both gentler and firmer as they passed over Drew's skin, and when Drew pushed himself closer against Kyle, instead of being unnerved, Kyle ran hands over his back and kissed Drew's neck. Drew moaned softly, and Kyle smiled.

"Hey," he whispered in Drew's ear, and at the same moment his hand closed around Drew's erection-- big, bigger than Kyle's own, bigger than Sean's had been in the same hand, and Drew jerked and cried out and came all over Kyle's belly. Kyle, startled, pulled back, as Drew shuddered and whimpered and said his name in a voice that sounded pleading.

"It's okay," said Kyle, barely knowing what he was saying. "Hey-- didn't know I had it in me."

"I didn't mean to--" said Drew. "I-- sorry--"

"No, it's okay," said Kyle again. Truthfully, he was a little relieved; it took a bit of pressure off that Drew had actually had an orgasm without doing anything particularly invasive to Kyle. He snuggled closer to Drew, not minding the stickiness between them; Drew was still shaking a little, but he settled down in Kyle's arms and put his head down on Kyle's shoulder. Kyle rubbed his back, the way Rita liked to do with him, the way he loved. He didn't know if Drew would like it or not, but then, he didn't know much about Drew at all. Not in a naked way.

"Don't stop," Drew whispered, which Kyle guessed answered the question about whether he liked it. He scratched softly with his nails, then rubbed with the flat of his palm, caressing Drew's broad, muscular back.

"Kyle," Drew whispered, "thank you."

"I didn't do anything," said Kyle. "Hey--"

When he didn't follow up the "hey," Drew made a vaguely interrogative sound, and then jumped when Kyle started kissing his shoulder, and then kissing down his chest.

"What are you--?" he gasped, as Kyle's mouth moved lower on his body; his uncertainty made Kyle feel powerful, sure of himself, as he kissed and licked softly-- the skin, the taut muscles of Drew's belly, until he came to the penis, already hardening again in its nest of semen-sticky, dark gold pubic hair.

Then he licked it, and Drew made a sound like a strangled scream.

"Shhh," said Kyle, and took the head gently in his mouth.

He did his best, considering he'd never done this before, only had it done to him, and only once, and that he'd been too stunned at the time to really take much note of how it was working. Drew's soft cries encouraged him, even as the flesh in his mouth grew bigger, harder, too big, too hard to handle easily. But as with the undressing, Drew didn't seem to mind his awkwardness; Kyle felt the cock between his lips jerk, and a gush of hot, thick liquid spurt out into his mouth; he swallowed reflexively, getting down about half before he coughed and choked.

After he'd more or less cleared his throat, Drew reached for him, and Kyle wiggled back up the bed to smile at him.

"I thought," Drew gasped, "I thought you'd never been with a man before."

"I haven't," said Kyle. "I just-- I just did it. Was it--"

"You're a natural," said Drew. "But you could use some practice."

Kyle smiled.

"Here," Drew added, kissing Kyle's shoulder, then his chest. "I'll show you."


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