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Ian and I held hands on the way back to my house, and it felt good. At least, I felt good, and I had to assume he was feeling good too, or I would have been feeling less good myself, on account of the vines that had twined between our hearts and whatnot. He was smiling, anyway, a tiny private smile that wasn’t private from me, because I wasn’t looking at anything but him. To hell with watching my feet. I’d tripped over my chiton in front of him before and I’d probably do it five more times before I did anything suave to counter the impression.

“Diana’s going to be thrilled,” I said finally, about halfway back. “Divine justification for her stubbornness. The goddess might even make her mother apologize to her too.”


“Oh, the queen apologized to me,” I said. “And to you, kind of. For being such a bitch. I kind of accepted on your behalf. Hope that’s okay.”

“No, I hoped you’d tell her I hate her forever,” said Ian, and I grinned. “You do anything on my behalf you want, Cassie.”

“Yeah?” I squeezed his hand. “You want me to tell Diana on your behalf that she’s an inconsiderate jerk?”

Ian looked horrified. “Cassie! She’s not-- I mean-- she saved--”

“Both of us,” I agreed, figuring he didn’t want to say me in case I said yeah, and wasn’t that a favor to the world, or some such. “Yeah, she’s always saving people. Me, you. Swooping down and flying them off to paradise. Sometimes stacking them on top of each other, for greater convenience Who wouldn’t love that?”

“I’m sorry she dumped me on you,” said Ian, subdued.

“No.” I squeezed his hand. “I didn’t mean that. I’m glad you’re here. And you’re right, Diana’s great. I just-- maybe-- know her a little too well. I was her sidekick, you know.”

“I don’t know much about sidekicks,” he said thoughtfully.

“We’re basically a tie-in for the teen market,” I told him. “Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl-- for awhile there, there was even a Wonder Tot. Turned out to be a time-travelling version of Diana, though.”

“I never know when you’re messing with me,” said Ian.

“Ian! I’m hurt. When have I ever messed with you?”

“I just said I don’t know,” said Ian. “You’re serious with this Wonder Tot thing.”

“Yeah,” I said. “But she wasn’t a sidekick. Sidekicks are... teenagers. Or tweens-- I think the original Robin was maybe twelve, when he started. Batman’s adopted kid, you know. It’s like that program, Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Except superheroes have to find kids who are at least a little bit powered-up themselves, so they don’t get killed. Daughters of Zeus.”

“So Diana’s like your big sister,” said Ian.

“Kind of.” I shrugged. “Was. I’m not her sidekick any more. And I was never much of a protegee. It’s hard to live up to an immaculately conceived Amazon princess when you’re just another misbegotten daughter of Zeus and an archaeologist.”

“Yeah, you’re the sixth one of those I’ve dated,” said Ian, and I glanced at him and laughed.

“Is that what we’re doing?” I asked. “Dating? Am I your girlfriend?”

Ian blushed. I sort of loved it when he did that.

“I don’t know,” he said. “What was it the goddess said you were? My lady?”

“You call me that and I’m calling you sweetling,” I threatened as we reached the house. “It’s great that we’ve got divine sanction and all, but I think we’re better off working out our own terminology. I’m okay being your girlfriend. You want to be my boyfriend?”

“Um,” said Ian. “I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge.”

“Hey!” I let go of his hand to pick up the casserole dish that was steaming on the doorstep, and kicked the door to see if I’d remembered to lock it. Either I hadn’t, or I’d just broken the lock. Oh well, it wasn’t a very good lock anyway. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Just that you’re kind of out of my league,” said Ian, following me inside.

“I’ve done enough intra-league dating to last me a lifetime, thanks.” I put the casserole dish down on the table and turned back to him. “I’m sort of psyched to date a guy who’s not actually in a league.”

“You mean like a teen superhero league?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Especially since I’m not actually a teen any more. So will you be my boyfriend?”

Ian smiled and looked down. “Just like that? Don’t you have your fraternity pin to pin on me or something?”

“You can have my chiton pin,” I offered, reaching for it.

“I was just kidding,” said Ian, blushing.

“Oh, good,” I said. “Because I just remembered that if I take out this pin, my whole outfit falls completely off my body.”

“In that case, I wasn’t kidding at all,” said Ian. “If I don’t get a pin, the deal’s off.”

I laughed and pulled out the pin. The chiton didn’t actually fall right off, but I helped it a little.

“Cassie,” Ian breathed, and reached for me, resting his hands very lightly on my naked shoulders. “Are you-- are we sure-- like a hundred percent sure-- this is safe?”

“I have the word of my goddess,” I said, and reached up to pull his head down towards mine.

We managed to make it to the bed this time. Once there, Ian lay on his back while I took off his clothes, resisting the urge to rip or tear-- after all, this was the only set he had. We’d have to do something about that. Maybe Diana could bring over a couple of L.L. Bean catalogues on her next run.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, a second before I got his T-shirt stuck on his head. I peeled it carefully off, leaving his hair only slightly more rumpled-looking than before.

“So are you,” I said, trying to kiss his face and work his belt buckle at the same time. His hands touched my back, very lightly, and I felt his hands tremble against my skin. “Are you cold?”

“Nervous,” he said, with a pale smile. “It’s been a while.”

“Since you were with a girl?” I guessed, and he nodded. “Well, you already got into my pants-- figuratively speaking-- and I came like a million times, so consider yourself pre-approved. What is this zipper’s-- there we go.”

I had to leave his face for awhile to get his pants all the way down, and on my way back up I got a little sidetracked. His cock was only the second one I’d ever seen in my life, and the differences were intriguing.

“Oh... fuck,” he gasped as I took the head in my mouth and suckled experimentally. “Cassie-- baby--”

My mouth was too full to answer, but his side of the conversation trailed off anyway when I got more of him into my mouth and started to suck in earnest.

It felt good-- amazing, actually-- to have him in my mouth, tight between my lips and tongue and cheek so that I couldn’t speak at all, an ecstasy coursing through me that I didn’t think was all mine. He was so happy-- and awestruck-- that I felt it in all my nerves, felt like the beautiful woman he saw me as, my mouth the portal to a world of glory that his cock hadn’t even known to want. I sucked him like a porn star, feeling through the ridges and veins in his erection exactly what he wanted, and doing it so right he started to cry, and I felt that too, a heat and moistening in my eyes that didn’t stop me until his balls went tight and hard in my hand and he shot off down my throat. I swallowed on cue, sucked harder, and he screamed and bucked while I sucked down the last of his seed, then pulled my mouth lingeringly off him, lapping up the last remnants on his glistening, softening cock. then licking my lips in satisfaction. I licked the creases where his thighs met his flat, hard belly, with its dusty trail of black hair up from the nest of his pubes to the dent of his navel.

“Shhhh,” I said, climbing him, back to his neck, his wet face, kissing both with lips and tongue. “Don’t-- no, I’m sorry, you can cry, you can do anything you want. It’s okay, Ian.”

He clutched at me, pulled my head to his mouth and kissed me like the only oxygen in the room was in my lungs. I kissed him back, hugged him back, half my fingers in his hair, the other half making dents in his shoulder, and against my belly I felt his cock nudging upwards again.

“I want you inside me,” I whispered, and he whined a little, the tiniest sound against my neck. “Ian-- can you--”

“I can,” he said, and pushed his hips up against me. “If you-- Cassie--”

“I want you to fuck me,” I said, and fumbled for him, feeling him hardening in answer to my need. “I want you hard, Ian, your cock hard inside me, now--”

I was so wet that I only had to open my legs to him to feel him slide in. I was tight, too, closed up from four years of chastity, and I moaned when his erection met resistance, whimpered like the first time, but I lowered myself all the way onto him, biting my lips, and his eyes looking up at me were huge and dark and wet, rimmed with pink, his nails digging into my shoulders as if it were him hurting. My hands found his skin, his upper arms, and dug in too, and he smiled up at me.

“Yes,” I said, my thigh muscles burning as I rode him, and he echoed like a precipice, “Yes, yes, yes...” while I lifted and sank onto his rock-hard length until I came so hard I screamed out, and turned the second half of the scream into, “Come!”

He did, crying out too, and my hands went to his face so I could feel the convulsions of the muscles there in his release. I had tightened so hard around him that I could feel that too, and it seemed like forever before he was soft enough that I could soften myself and lie down on top of him, his cock still tucked inside me.

We lay there for what seemed like such a long time that I wouldn’t swear I didn’t fall asleep before he said, “Cassie...”

“Ian,” I answered, and lifted a numb-fingered hand to touch his sweaty hair.

“I was good,” he whispered, and I didn’t know if it was a question, but I answered it anyway, just in case.

“Unbelievably, fantastically sensational,” I said truthfully. “How about me?”

He laughed.

“Laughable?” I asked, my face buried comfortably in the hollow of his shoulder. “In a good way or a bad way?”

“Bad way,” he said, his fingers stroking the sweat from between my shoulder blades.

“Shut up,” I said drowsily.

“Maybe I’m gay after all,” he said, still touching my back with fingers that made me want to go all over again, until I realized what had just happened.

“Hey,” I said, lifting my head. “I told you to shut up.”

His eyes widened as he looked at me, opened his mouth, then shook his head, tapping his lips.

“You can’t talk now?”

He shook his head again.

“But you did just now,” I said. “After I told you to shut up the first time. I mean, it’s fine,” I said hastily, seeing his smile slip downwards. “It’s great. I was kidding, you know that. You knew that. So you didn’t have to really do what I said. You can talk now.”

“Thanks,” he said, smiling again. “Yeah, I knew you were kidding. I thought you were.”

“But you’ve thought I was kidding before, and you still obeyed me,” I pointed out. “Do you think Aphrodite did something? Made the binding a little bit more... reasonable?”

“Maybe,” he said. “Or maybe...”


He smiled again.

“Maybe I’m getting to know you a little better,” he said.

“Mmm,” I said, putting my head back down and kissing his neck. “I should hope so.”


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