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2011-05-09 08:12 pm

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Thank you very much to everyone who commented on the new chapter of Intake Counselor. :) What can I say, I'm here to write slavefic and explore psychosocial dynamics, and I'm all out of slavery.

lyrics to Fiona Apple's A Mistake, theme song for that chapter )

And here's the song for this one.

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2011-05-07 08:43 pm
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2010-12-13 07:51 pm

The Mother, chapter five

Short chapter this time.

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2010-12-10 08:28 pm
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2010-12-09 07:22 pm
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2010-12-01 07:56 pm
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Well, this took longer than I thought, but hopefully those of you who voted for "something involving Lee and Andrei and Jer [and possibly Mona]" will enjoy it. Takes place somewhere in that logistically eventful period between chapters 49 and 50 of "Lee."

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2010-11-26 02:05 pm

Daughterverse thingy part two

I'm working on a SB 'verse thingy-- besides Intake Counselor I mean-- and polishing the next couple chapters of The Mother, but it felt right to put this up before the next chapters. Read this first.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and good wishes. It means a lot.

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2010-07-30 09:07 pm
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2010-07-27 01:40 pm

"The Mother", chapter one

Thank you so much to everybody who commented on the end of The Maiden, and for all your extremely kind comments on my other stories in this interval. Your comments and responses give me such joy and encouragement to continue writing and posting, which obviously has been a difficult thing for me to keep up with lately, though I'm trying hard. Thank you all x a billion. You are wonderful and thoughtful and you make me a very happy writer lady.

Here's the first chapter of the sequel (it's called The Mother, natch, though as in The Maiden, you might not find out for a little while who the title actually refers to). It picks up pretty much exactly where The Maiden left off. I tried to work a teeny bit of "previously, in the Daughterverse" into the chapter but I think you probably need to have read The Maiden to make any sense of this. Maybe not, I dunno. Let me go ahead and post before I psych myself out of it again.

The Mother, chapter one )
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2010-07-22 10:51 pm

The Maiden, chapter 28


(well, until the sequel, coming soon to a livejournal near you)

(also don't miss Chapter 27 and The Interlude I just posted yesterday)

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2010-07-22 10:43 am

Maiden interlude: Scheherezade

OK, I'm reposting this now, because this is where I decided it comes in the story. It's the exact same thing I posted here. Now with context! Last chapter up soon, promise!

Maiden interlude: Scheherezade )
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2010-07-22 12:10 am

The Maiden, chapter 27

Okay, it ain't much for such a long wait, but it's the second-to-last chapter of Maiden, and I think I've got the last chapter worked out, and then quite a bit of the next story written, which is an immediate sequel and really only separated for stylistic purposes. So.

(Also, totally unrelated, except that the song I picked to go with this entry is one of the songs on my kickass new workout playlist that is enabling me to do seven miles per workout on the treadmill [impressive for me, okay!] and contract enormous blisters on my feet without even noticing because the music is so kickass,* and another kickass song from the playlist is available as a free mp3 download on Amazon at the moment, so everybody should get it: Shout Out Louds, "Walls")

*For the record, the playlist )


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2010-06-08 07:38 am

Daughterverse thingy

OK, I'm still not-- entirely sure-- where I'm going to put this in the overall Daughterverse narrative, but that's one of the advantages of posting my stuff on a Livejournal as I go, is I can be like, "Hey guys, I wrote this thing, how bout that?" While I'm working on the structure of the end of The Maiden and all.

This might be like... an epilogue to The Maiden or a prologue to The Mother, I'm not sure. I'll figure it out and then index it properly. But anyway, it's done as a piece/chapter/whatever, so I'm putting it up. Cause I can! Cause I got no editor to say me nay!

Scheherezade )
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2010-05-22 09:49 pm

The Maiden chapter 26

Holy crow this is a long friggin' chapter. But I think it's finally where I can bear to post it. And where I could conceivably wrap this volume up in two more chapters.


it don't get much more sick than you/ I could go on if you want me to )
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2010-05-05 10:47 am

Maiden interlude: Sean writes to his mother

So as part of my trying to figure out (which I have been, lately, I've just been sort of slinking around ashamed to show my face) how I'm going to post what I've got written-- especially with The Maiden, which I'm trying to wrap up in 28 chapters, not counting Report Card Day or this, because I cheat and use "interludes" and whatnot) I wrote this, which I'm hoping can function as a sort of stepping stone in the gap in time between what I last posted and the next chapter. It's a letter from Sean to his mom, kind of updating her (and us, by extension) on what's been going on. It's also story-relevant and all, I mean even if you remember everything, but I'm hoping it will serve a memory-jogging purpose as well, so nobody has to go reread a bunch of previous chapters unless they feel like it.

So here, I'll go ahead and get this up.

(As the actress said to the bishop.)

Previously on The Maiden )
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2010-02-27 01:45 pm

Carol still has this book on her desk.

Okay, so this bit is totally nonrequired reading for the story-- I wasn't even planning to post it, was just trying to get a couple of cultural details ironed out while I fiddle around with the last three chapters (because I still suck at endings)-- but then I remembered how annoyed a couple of you got when Leah took Kyle's book away, and figured someone might find it interesting. So!

(Let's get down to business/ To defeat the Huns!)

Excerpt from The Origins of Power, chapter 6, "Psychopompai"

Complete with footnotes )
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2010-02-14 10:33 pm
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Crimson part four (YA RLY)

I bet y'all thought I'd forgotten about this story. HAH! I never forget about anything!

...Except that thing I'm forgetting about right now. Remind me about that, will you?

Anyway, I'm sure everyone else has forgotten about it if they even knew about it in the first place (it's still not linked on the index page, because I still haven't figured out if it's fanfiction or what, when you insert somebody else's original character/persona into your original fiction), and I haven't seen cgravenstone around for ages (admittedly, he has the gall to have an actual life) but what the hell. REDHEADS, amirite?

(My husband was a redhead. A redhead like WHOA.)

(Happy Valentine's, all.)

Seriously, poor Crimson has been in limbo for almost a YEAR )
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2010-02-05 09:41 pm
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Twenty-three years later...

So, having just posted a story in which Holden is a 20-year-old basket case (Alix is 18 in that story-- I KNOW RIGHT), now I've got this, which is just kind of a classic slaveficcish one-shot, with no real purpose beyond the fact that it's the sort of thing I enjoy writing.

(I think my favorite thing about writing Holden's character is the way in which each person he falls for [romantically or otherwise] turns him into less of an asshole. It's like "Beauty and the Beast," except instead of just one beautiful maiden to break the curse, there are like eleven beautiful people tag-teaming this guy. Fun game: spot the influence of, respectively, Jer, Alix, Yves, Valor, and Bran on the Holden of this story. Jesse and Lee haven't even gotten started yet.)

Gayle )
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2010-02-02 06:54 am
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In which Alix makes Holden her bitch

OK, first of all, this picture just popped up on my friendslist a couple of times FOR THE WIN, so naturally I'm sharing:

Can't stop the signal )

(I love the little head-duck the sign guy is doing, like "Hat-brim sin-shield engage!" Also: hell is going to be a PARTY.)

And now for some gay porn er, sexless het! This scene, set at Argounov's two weeks after Alix first shows up, has been referenced a few times (described from Jer's point of view here, mentioned by Holden here, a few other more oblique references) and I think at one point I said I wasn't going to write it, but, um, I changed my mind.

Let's see how far we've come )
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2010-01-03 08:35 pm
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Another quick story... follow-up to another one of the drabbles.

(god, writing SB 'verse is such comfort food)

Ella )