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So I was told by one of my students that the story of Psyche and Cupid (which we're studying right now) was "soooo romantic, just like that song, Love Story, by Taylor Swift!" so I went and listened to that song to test the veracity of that claim, and it's catchy as hell and all, but I have to say, I am really confused as to what actually happens in the "Love Story."

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Okay... so as best as I can figure out, they're really young when they meet (possibly at the prom? With the "ball gowns?" Nobody wears ball gowns to a regular "party," do they?) and that's why the dad doesn't approve at first? Because they're too young? So "Juliet" spends, like, years sneaking out to see "Romeo" in defiance of her family's wishes, and begging him to run away with her, but he continually says no, and eventually she's like, "Goddammit, kid, sack up already" and then he proposes? Because now they're old enough? (Because now apparently the dad is cool with it, so they must be older, or maybe it's just that Romeo has proved his honorable intentions by producing a ring.) And Romeo's like "Silly kitten, you should have realized I was just waiting until you were legal, and now us men have settled things between us so that you can go shopping for a pretty dress, which, thanks to my superhuman forbearance in the matter of your jailbait ass, can still be white." Is that it?

Okay, because even if that's it, I still don't get the line "You were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter." Is that really the line? Because that makes no sense. Is Juliet, like, the scarlet woman of the village? Is being seen with her going to ruin Romeo's reputation? Surely that is not what they're going for here. Or is it just because she is in fact jailbait, and Romeo is not? But they were both young... maybe Romeo was less young?

Oy, these kids today and their Taylor Swift and their Twilight and their Hannah Montana... *wanders off muttering and shaking cane*


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