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I'm so sorry I'm still not caught up on replying to comments. I so much appreciate every single one of them. Thank you guys so much for reading and for your lovely constructive commentary.

Chapter seventeen )
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I think I've mentioned before that I hardly ever get writer's block (which I think of as not knowing what to write next, or being unsure where a story is going) but I get "writer's lassitude" where I know damn well what comes next but I just don't feel like writing it. Someday I'll learn that I should just write anyway. Nothing gets me over writer's lassitude like writing. And not writing is very bad for my constitution.

So. Short chapter this time, sorry, but it gets us somewhere. Thank you so much to everyone who is still reading, and especially those of you who have been kind enough to comment. It really really helps, when I'm in a funk, to know that there are people who care whether updates arrive or not.

Sixteen )
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She lives, she writes, she has most of chapter sixteen written! She apologizes again and swears to stop getting this behind on comments! She CURSES REAL LIFE! She posts:

The Maiden, chapter fifteen )
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Maiden, fourteen )
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This is a short chapter-- it was going to be one long one with the last one but it ran too long.

Chapter thirteen )
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Chapter twelve )
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I swear we are getting out of the house/bedrooms/kitchen/office sometime this year, but all this stuff kinda had to happen first.

Chapter eleven )
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Chapter ten )
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So I got a couple of questions about Sean's high school experience, and I thought maybe a flashback was in order-- not only to show a glimpse in the life of sixteen-year-old Sean, but because there are a couple of worldbuilding details that were easier to work in here than in the main storyline. I'll probably keep doing flashbacks here and there, for the same reason.

Also, I had a request for an index post, for ease of organization and reccing-- that's coming right up after this.

Thanks for reading and commenting, everybody. :) More specific replies to comments coming soon.

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Chapter 9 )
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Crisis-ful day yesterday. Apparently writing is what I do instead of biting my nails.

I also forgot about the urge when building a new story to reply to comments BY WRITING ANOTHER CHAPTER.

Chapter seven )

And six

Jul. 5th, 2009 02:05 am
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Allinarush. :P I'll catch up on the comments to all these chapters at a time, I guess. Y'all don't mind, do you?

The Maiden, chapter six )
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Okay, I shuffled some stuff around and I think I found an organic chapter division. So, one long chapter (this one) followed by one short one (I'll post it in a minute).

Also, for all these words, the amount that actually happens storywise in this chapter and the next is very close to zero. Sorry, I don't know how that happened.

Maiden chapter four )
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I've been working on Intake Counselor 8, but it's giving me a little bit of stick (I should have known better than to try to control Hanna!) and while I sort it out I thought I'd go ahead and get this up. So to speak.

I want to talk to you about what you did to Sean. )
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The Maiden, chapter 2 )


Jun. 7th, 2009 04:17 pm
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Let me just note right away that no, I am not going to stop writing Slave Breakers just because I've got a new story. I love writing Slave Breakers; I am of course going to finish Intake Counselor (abandon my girls at this crucial juncture? never!), and I owe y'all some comfort after that last heart-pummeling Quen/Jesse interlude, and there are a lot of other good stories to tell in that 'verse, so I'm definitely not abandoning it. Those characters and that world are very close to my heart. It's just exciting that I also have a new world to write in.

cut for faintly gushy ramblings about y'all and about starting something new )

So: I am going to go ahead and post the first chapter of a story called "The Maiden," in what I'm tentatively calling the Daughter universe. Please note that there is no pressure to like it; it's entirely possible that this new thing is not your "thing" in the way that Slave Breakers turned out to be so many people's "thing," and that's okay, because primarily of course it's my "thing," or I wouldn't be writing it.

A quick couple of words first about what sort of thing it is. It's matriarchy, as I noted in my voice post, and it's also fantasy. The reason for introducing a fantasy element (besides "for the hell of it," which is also a compelling reason in my book) will, I hope, become clear over the course of the story; I hope it doesn't impede anybody's enjoyment. I'll just say this: the big difference between this alternate universe and my other one is that Slave Breakers was an alternate universe that evolved differently from ours for no particular reason except maybe a butterfly flapping its wings at some point; this one evolved differently for a very particular reason, and it also branches off from ours at a very specific point. Again, I'll get into all this over the course of the story; I guess my point is just that yes, I am going somewhere with this whole thing.

Also, yes, it will eventually pass the reverse Bechdel test, in that there will be men having a conversation that is not about a woman. ;)

Anyway, without further ado, here's the first chapter. As always, all thoughts and feedback are more than welcome, and if you've got questions or spot problems, please let me know, as it's best to catch these things early. I sort of went with the Baz Luhrmann "charming hodgepodge of anachronisms" strategy in Slave Breakers, but seriously, I suck at imagitech. If I was the Connecticut Yankee I would have been like, "...I can re-create large chunks of Edna St. Vincent Millay's poetry from memory?"

Okay really without further ado now.

The Maiden, chapter one )


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